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Just getting into hunting. I have my own gear, but no tags this year. I'm in decent shape and move quietly. I dont mind roughing it and I will help haul the meat out. Would like to get hands on with skinning and quartering. I am in Rialto CA but no opposed to traveling within reason.
Are you hunting this weekend? I was thinking about Friday late afternoon throughout Saturday. Let me know if you want to join.
I dont archery hunt , looking for d19 rifle early october
Currently looking for hunting partners, don’t care male or female Just wanna hunt new to north Idaho looking to get out soon
it's posts of thanks like yours is what gives me reason to post these things.
happy you enjoy them.
be safe
i dont think fish dog understands why i post that stuff. jmho
be safe
I agree, his comment is a little off. Keep the humor coming Okie
Steve you know anything about Mount Laguna private lands now ??????
Can they sell National Forest ??????
Bowuntr, Met you hunt compadre up at Big Bear this past weekend (Snake trained his pup many times). He told me the story about him not doing Kodiak this past year because of back issues. Hopefully you all will get back that way this fall.
Tom is a great guy.... bummed for him. Yes, we'll get back at it. Praying for him.
Good Morning nicapopolis, Thank you for responding to my post about deer hunting Colorado. So I just received an email from Colorado that my application was unsuccessful. But I did receive a preference point for deer. So what are the chances of an over the counter rifle tag for unit 72 near Cortez, and when do they make them available? Just wondering what my options are.
Thank You Jason
I saw your post about hunting coyotes. I’m not sure where in LA you are located but a good spot for coyotes is Lake Elsinore up in Ortega highway.
Hey Steve. I watch your Youtube Videos and I actually subscribed to your channel. It is not easy to video quail being taken down and you do it well.

I would absolutely join you but Northridge is 2 hrs away. I do however go that far north from time to time for a couple of days for business. Maybe in the future, if you are up for it.
Great job with the podcast man. I have listened to most of the episodes over the past few weeks. I enjoy the interviews with all the locals and guys that have been doing it. It's motivating! Keep up the good work and best of luck with it going into the future.
Thanks bud !

We like doing the podcast with local guys and that was our main goal when we started it. Not to say we won’t bring on guys from out of state or in other parts of our state, we just want to have this podcast cater to our local hunters.

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Hey, I don't know if you remember me or not. Was there when your daughter got her Doe.
I hunt Wister every Wed and Sat for the most part and hunt the sea 1 or 2 days a week on other days. I'll be out there with my dog all day Friday scouting and getting camp set up for the year. I can help you with a spot to hunt if you want to exchange contact info. The staff usually doesn't know much even if they wanted to hunt. My name is Jeff Booten 760-703-2098.

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