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Hey Jeff, Also wanted to let you know that when its time to intorduce him to bb guns and firearms you are also welcome to do that here as well. I wish others would reach out for their kids needs, also so if you know other famlies with kids that need the right place to start please let me know.

Best, Fred
Hey George, let me know if you want to hunt mid week or the weekend. I will be hunting alone until April 16.
Hi Miguel, I own and operate High On Kennels in Santa Ysabel, I partner with different clubs and organizations to offer rattlesnake aversion training for dogs, one of my hosts is the inland empire chapter of Quail forever. I work with them to put on a clinic every year to raise money for their chapter while earning some money myself. Let me know if you might be interested in putting together a clinc in the future.
Thanks, I'm out in Desert Hot Springs, but will come to you if the sale doesn't happen. cash in hand. Been wanting one for sometime.
Steve. I am not sure how well the Dad might receive a stranger buying stuff for the kid you know? I want to be as tactful as possible. Let me see what comes up from the posting and take it from there.
I appreciate the gesture.
I understand...Just let me know what he needs
How’s it going man welcome to the chat. There are plenty of great guys in here, my friend runs this forum his handle is NBK. Feel free to introduce yourself to everyone
Hell yeah. I don't know if I'm hunting opener. I drew San Luis but baby number 2 might be showing a couple weeks earlier then expected.
Well congrats on baby #2!
Have momma wait until after opener. It's always better to birth on Sunday anyway!
I just happened to redo my safety test at Big 5, I had decided to buy a different caliber due to ammo. The young man said we are getting in a small shipment in tomorrow with 1 box of hunting California compliant 300 Win Mag. I got there before they opened and low and behold there was all perfect ammo I needed, and then some. Now I am more than ready!
There's just getting him and taking a break


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Hey man it's all good. I haven't been on here in a while..I ate a tag sandwich in d19 and was successful near my home in 16.. a 4x4 with broken off eye guards


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Google Drew rd directions in El Centro. I think your time is way of. Good luck, just trying to help you.
Hey man you are the dude who private messaged me about d19 and 16, right?
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yes, by the way that was blackburn canyon not black canyon my bad.
Hey Paul. I hunted D19 on Friday. Are you looking for someone to hunt D19 with?
What part do you hunt bro?? Last year went to thomas Mt... I'm thinking more around ribbonwood in a little more desert area..
IDK I'm new bro I was looking at the northern end of the zone but I have no idea
I'm going to d19 the 19-24 of this month

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