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Wassup Hunter!

Let's get after those chukar! I see you are a waterfowler as well. I'm getting into that this upcoming season. What city are you in? I'm in Anaheim.

Do you have shoot clays? I shoot at Prado Olympic Shooting Park weekdays at lunch. I'm going to meet Smokey58 for the first time there on Thursday.

Hi Smokey!

I just saw your post about upland hunting. Where are you located? I'm in Anaheim.

Hi Rob,

I just noticed your post on 20 gauges and saw you have a Weatherby 20 and live in Chino. I have a SA-08. Is that the one you have? Also, do you shoot clays at Prado Olympic Shooting Park? I like to shoot a round or two there on my lunch breaks.

Hey Steve, I was up on Palomar Mt all day scouting on Sunday and didn't see hide nor hair (feathers Track Poop any where up there Not even a sound from Turkeys up there. However the Rangers were saying they were everywhere 3 weeks ago? I am totally baffled.
Just saw your question about my TC Triumph. It's still available. I'm in Eastlake.
Hey Truduct. Went out to CNF today. Used your advice. Sat for about 2 hrs. No luck. Did see a deer walk in tho. You ever hunt out there ?
Hi y'all. Any recommendations on were to do a little hunting near south oc? I am new here and was hoping maybe I could get a coyote hunt in
Open invitation to enjoy South Bay Rod and Gun Club in Dulzura. Give me a reply and lets go have some fun-- Happy Holidays