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Swede rifle is in El Cajon.
Sir, with all the rounds, scope, case I feel this is a great deal. Bore is sharp and shoots well. My loads are loaded with IMR 4350 with exception of the Berger loads with H380 powder. If you check Gun Broker or some of the other sites this gun with extras would go around $550 and up. I will come down to $425 to include the Hornady bullets.
rbduffer: are you interested? Had the gun for about 4 years, barrel lands and grooves are sharp, shoots very well.
I pass, thank you.
Anyone know about some great backpack frames for hunting? Any brands and price? To carry the meat qurters of big game. Please let me know your favorites and why?
Prove me wrong, PLEASE!
1. I'm from la, which means there's zero chance of hunt. SO, I'm willing to drive up, down, left and right for 80-100 miles radius just about any weekend. Any rifle/shotgun hunt I'm in. Boar, deer, turkeys, birds, I'M IN. Just need hunting buddies, so ...
2. Hunting buddies with a bit or a lot of experience are just as hard to find as the hunt itself, if not harder.
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Bump that Man... Brother... don't let lack of a hunting partner stop you! It'll feel daunting. You'll feel uneasy about it at first. And you just might make some costly mistakes along the way. But as long as you're methodical, and follow some rules... a game plan... that someone back at home knows you're going to follow, you'll be alright. And when you pull it off man... solo... you'll have a whole new outlook!
New hunter, spend most time in san Bernadine national forest for small game and deer; looking for quail hunting areas.
I'm in Granada hills if you are in LA and need a hunting buddy.
Howdy Aeasley, looks like the season is rapidly coming to an end. If I go up North to hunt in the next week I will reach out to you. normally I head for the Mojave from orange county. thanks for the offer
I heard I might see your post over here. Have you managed to get your grand slam yet? Last I heard you were one short. John.
New here just wanted to say hello. I live in east county San Diego the boulevard area and have some hunting grounds if anyone would like to come check out I would be more that happy to take you out on the almost 6000 acres of land I have to hunt on. Contact me for more info. 619-536-3470 message me thank you Larry
Welcome Larry! I joined earlier in the year as a new hunter and can tell you this is an awesome site with a bunch of great dudes willing to help each other out! Me and another green horn went out scouting last week on public land and ran into some sign but no deer. If you're ever up for taking some newbies out and showing us a thing or two, we'd be game! Happy hunting
Hey following up.

Let's meet up sometime at the range, let me know what works for you.

I sell the weatherby because didnt like 30,06 and I hunt with the bow more than rifle , when I go with the rifle I use my 308.
Can I ask why you’re selling the Weatherby? I’ve been intrigued by the backcountry but haven’t run into anyone who owns one yet