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    Will Duckers Be Mandated...

    I'm hoping everyone wears a mask, there's a few faces I don't want to see at o'dark thirty.
  2. chessie

    NO Sportsman's Catering Truck This Year

    Matt it was a pleasure to hunt with Max several times, he always had a smile on his face like the one in the pic. I'll miss the bacon & egg sandwiches even if the microwave didn't heat evenly all the time. The check station won't be the same without it.
  3. chessie

    Check this out on the Salton Sea.

    Here's a video of the testimony. Haven't watched it because I'm sleeping fine. :cool:
  4. chessie

    Check this out on the Salton Sea. Let's have more hearings......
  5. chessie

    How many Montana ducks in this picture?

    9, I think the one on the far right is a spoony disguised as a mallard. :cool:
  6. chessie

    Check this out on the Salton Sea.

    Scott, you beat me to it, was going to post this morning about it.
  7. chessie

    DFW Releases Wildlife Area Operational Changes for COVID-19

    They do this up in Oregon on Sauvie Island.
  8. chessie

    Dam Canoes

    A trip your daughter will never forget. Priceless.
  9. chessie

    I lost my wife she has passed to the next world

    God bless you and your family.
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    Flood Up Maps - San Luis - Mendota

    Potrero Unit. The LMP says eventually small game hunting, but Lockheed Martin needs to clean it up first and there's more high fire hazard out there so not sure if it will ever happen. One side note: Possible Pig hunting was mentioned for SJWA Davis Unit. IMHO only archery would ever get...
  11. chessie

    Flood Up Maps - San Luis - Mendota

    Well I read most of the Land Management Plan (LMP) for San Jac. Couple highlights: (do NOT expect these things immediately, I'm simply providing info what's in the report); Ref 2-12: "Although aquatic habitats within the Davis Unit are to some extent maintained with recycled water, the supply...
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    4x4 for wister

    Yup, don't skip leg day.
  13. chessie

    First time elk hunt

    Good Luck Steve. Safe travels. Looking forward to the reports. Already missed the annual first spoony shot from Canada. :p
  14. chessie

    4x4 for wister

    I'm getting the shoe chains for my waders. They'll work in the Wister mud. :p
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    Flood Up Maps - San Luis - Mendota

    To backup what Duckfan said, they are legally required to do have hunter input meetings.

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