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    Lake Henshaw fish report 6/10

    Sometimes smacking the water with a paddle works for crappy. Jig behind a bobber on slow retrieve was the go to when I was young.
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    New to the West

    Water is key this year
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    Bino harness?

    I'm with Ed no pouch for me I use the Nimrod but I need a new one after 12 years. I hope Kuiu fixed the one they had out a year or two ago because it sucked.
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    Mule deer and their behavior

    So I'm pumped for D16......yep I sound like a newbie but I'm uping my game this year. Anyway I have 3 newbies that have come close but haven't close the deal. So I'm in teaching mode with them and wanted to pass on info to the you guys here. Watch the video and see what you can pick up on...
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    Eastern Sierras - Crickets as Trout Bait?

    What he said I use to also put a split shot on and let it drift in & out of the fast water & deep pools.
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    New hog eradication, er hunting technique

    Pigs in TX are like rats here so they view them differently especially when it's their money being wasted
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    looking for hog hunt- need feedback on a couple names

    Shay, bigboarstopper Hog dogs, semi guided or fully guided He's got Barley planted which is like crack to pigs. (831) 594-1270 leases are in King area
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    Tree stand or Spot & Stalk

    Don't make eye contact, don't walk like a human and of course play the wind. Depends on the area and conditions at the time. Slower is best unless your running out of day light. I hate treestands, WT hunting did me in when I was younger but it does work but you need more than one The one...
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    Sounds like A....ass hundred BS Beretta sucks go Benelli! When's ducker season?
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    First public land bird

    Well done Mark! Patience helps and a little luck
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    The changes I’ve noticed throughout the years in D16

    Suck it up and deal with only goes down hill every day so go hunt! It's not going to change any time soon so do it and get involved!
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    2018 California Big Game Regulations

    Nothing new just watch your first choice first tag & you'll be fine
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    Why we wear Snake Boots or Gaiters

    I hate them had one dog get a blind strike, she lived a bite on the back paw and the vaccine helped. now i have one jagd that bays them up......his bark drives them to bury their head.....
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    Three lions in 1 pic

    The studies in Wyoming show they do get along and eat together but hunting together hasn't been observed yet......and to top it off they are just guessing for the most part
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    They are among us even in the city.

    It already happened in 94 at Casper will never change