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    rad wolf hunting video

    Agreed, RAD! Kid was super stoked, good to see.
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    Oppose AB1254 and do it quickly

    you folks see the SD news the other day/night. Veitnam Veteran was walking his dog and a bobcat jumped the dog. Guy choked the cat out. Awesome!
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    SD BLM Open for recreational shooting

    Thanks for sharing! Time to sight in the new Turkey shotgun for spring. Got 3 different loads to try out. Oh, and the 300 win mag!
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    Will California learn from Idaho?

    Social Tolerance, Opinion, & Ignorance now and has been the driving factor in our states policy making. Unfortunately; truth, facts, experience, and science take a backstage to what drives votes in this state.
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    cool zak! Does that world's largest box call actually pivot?
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    LIVE HUNT - Whitetail Extravaganza

    just plain RAD!
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    Congrats mark!
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    In denver this week, unfortunately for work and not hunting. Will miss this one. Enjoy ya'll.
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    nothing to see here... carry on.
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    Had a conversation with a big cat while scouting last weekend.

    Darwin Award winner right there.... Be glad nothing happened (as far as I know) or else the family would have sued the zoo for millions because for some reason idiocy and ignorance is a national past time nowadays.
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    Can't make this week, out of town on business this week. Catch ya next time.
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    Love this! On the bucket list for sure! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Hello from Alberta

    Good stuff Steve! So, what's the rules/regs on bringing that meat back into the states... and then into CA for that matter?
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    Any birds off-limits?

    Not to be racist, but they all look the same to me, stuffed with jalapeno and cream cheese and double wrapped with bacon!
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    Nice afternoon

    Rough life Mark, but I guess someone has to do it... :)