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    Wyoming Draw Results

    Was hopeful, but nothing here either.... D16 it is.
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    Speaking of fishing.... missing this month's meeting, next week will be just north of Durango CO for our every other years wife's family re-union.... doing some off-roading, white water rafting, and fishing, then on the way back, hit the Colorado River on the AZ side for some kayaking...
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    Draw Results Are Out!

    1 point, A22, and D16.
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    Rattle snakes

    Do not drink alcohol. Umm... this is going to be a problem Houston. Especially after being bit by a rattlesnake.
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    La Mesa Riot Footage

    Ridiculous... another reason to raise your kids right! If my son or daughter were involved in any of that crap I would be ashamed! Blame the parents.
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    So are there tags available??

    So I have been told that the new narrative being propagandized amongst the left is that white supremacists are behind many of the violent clashes and that they are being blamed for starting many of the problems with law enforcement, etc... Also, that undercover cops are in the mix doing the...
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    1000% agree with you. The curfew laws are BS, same as many of the conditions that are and have been put upon us with the Covid situation. If the police are allowed to do what we employ them to do, then we likely would not need be seeing curfew orders. Unfortunately, it is when these 'peaceful'...
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    Expand please. What other 'amendments and rights' that are being given away are you referring to? Thanks.
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    Where to buy a cow/pig

    you got me looking Jason...
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    The Making of a Turkey Call...Start to Finish

    Love custom locally crafted hand made anything! Functional works of art.
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    Froggin' 2020

    love those 'bubba' blades!
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    NWTF San Diego Chapter MAY Meeting - Thursday May 28th @ 6pm - save the date

    Yup, zoom meeting. so time to take a shower and put on some clothes.
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    NWTF San Diego Chapter MAY Meeting - Thursday May 28th @ 6pm - save the date

    Currently still open for take-out or delivery only.
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    NWTF San Diego Chapter MAY Meeting - Thursday May 28th @ 6pm - save the date

    **** Save The Date ****** Thursday, May 28th @ 6pm. Was hopeful to be having in person meets by now, but... Given our current situation and guidelines we are all dealing with we will be having another virtual meet this month. Zoom meeting. A few Board items to address with the chapter, then...
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    NWTF San Diego Chapter April Meeting - Tuesday April 28th @ 6pm - save the date

    Been kicking this around with the Board. We were tyring to get an in person meet together, but 'guidelines' are still keeping that challenging for now. We will be doing another Zoom meeting for this coming Thursday @ 6pm. will post up details here in a few. Thanks for reaching out!

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