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    Lake Henshaw Hunting Tips

    How much $$$ annually is it to join My Country Club to hunt waterfowl and turkey's in the Palomar/Henshaw area?
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    Mexican Duck ?

    Good copy everyone, thanks for the feedback/education !
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    Wister this weekend

    rgr that, thanks
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    Mexican Duck ?

    Is this a Mexican Duck and if so, do they count against your mallard limit? Thanks, Steve
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    Wister this weekend

    hey is that a hybrid pintail/gadwall in the middle?
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    Full closure of Hwy 111

    Thanks for the response guys!
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    Full closure of Hwy 111

    fish dog, if i'm looking at the map correctly, it looks like IF the road is still closed when the opener starts then we would not be able to hunt the North section of Wister due to having to use the 111 to get to them (except for the 115's) Does anyone know how this affects the flood up...
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    any openings at that club, what's the going rate over there?

    any openings at that club, what's the going rate over there?
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    First Wister Draw

    88 on a Wed is good, you should get a descent spot at Wister. It's just been painfully slow this year.
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    Wister.....Be Mindful of the Rules

    Steve, what's your take on the scenario below: - Walking from the Wister check station to a parking lot with 2 boxes of shells, stashing 1 box of shells in the parking lot, physically going in the field from the parking lot with 25 shells. - This would be used if you can't get to your assigned...
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    Last day card

    I'd wait to see if any new birds come in. Right now it's slow there, plus Sundays have been super tough this season.