11-11-11 was a good day


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Nov 16, 2011
A friend of mine turned me onto the site and I was instantly impressed. Finally, a site dedicated to chasing local deer! Now to the good part. After some long days scouting before season, a buddy and I were able to connect on 2 solid bucks. The second picture is me showing off my good luck charms that my kids picked out for me before the hunt, buzz lightyear and snow white worked some magic this year.


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Those are definitely some quality bucks right there! Nice mass!!!

Congrats to you both!

The smiles on the kids' faces are priceless!!!!!!! ;D
Great to have you aboard and thanks for the great first post. Like they say - better to be lucky than good! ;)
beautiful deer i have those buzz light years coming out my ears around this house my boy is 3.
Pretty impresive forky there Kyle! Definatly cool you guys filled 2 tags in the same day.

The euro mount turned out good is that a do it yourself kit?
Welcome to the family guys glad to have you in the field, looking at those great San Diego bucks it looks like we have a couple great guys that can share in all the great input going on these days on the site. Look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. Thanks for the post Boomstick.
Way to go guy's !!!!!! Two nice bucks and the pictures with the kids are the best ones to look back at in a few years.

There are a lot of killers on this board and I think you guys will fit right in. Welcome !
Couple of nice bucks there guys, and has been said the photos of your kids priceless !!!
Thanks for all the nice comments guys. It was the first Euro I have done and it turned out pretty good. Look forward to getting in on the big buck contest next year. The big boy we were after this year gave us all the slip! (Still had no problem pulling the trigger on this forky even though I knew a bigger buck was in the area). Hopefully next year we can catch up with him.
You will get your chance on a big buck the way you guys work at it. There is no way you can pass up bucks like you guys shot, Well done.
Hey Boomstick I"m with you for the website. Lungpopper and I have been friends close to 18 years and he just turned me on to this site. It has been a joy for me. Congrats on you toad of a forky!!
Wow ! Those are some great bucks ! I love the pictures with your kids in them too.

Congrats !

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