2018 Hunt and Euro Mount


Nov 15, 2017
Finally got my euro mount back from the taxidermist. Got him in “the 16” with a .243 and he still had velvet on rifle opener. Rare but it happens. I rubbed a lot of it off dragging him out so I had some imitation velvet sprayed on and I think it turned out great. I have read some cool stories on here an knew I would get around to sharing one eventually. Figured it would be better to share in the off season anyway.

Now for the story:
My 6 year old and I found him a few weeks before opener. I went back and patterned him a few times after that and made a plan for opener. That plan was quickly foiled by a couple hunters who tromped right through the area at first light, so i just sat and glassed all day. Never saw anything else through the spotter except the hunters sky-lining them selves and walking all over creation. I think I might just stop hunting on opener from now on, lol.

I was the only one out there the next day and he showed up right after shooting light. That little bit of pressure had him more cautious I'm sure. The wind was wrong for a stalk that day anyway. I came back during the week this time after work and sure enough he was in the same bed I had seen him in before.

I had already previously made a bread crumb trail of way points on onX (my opener plan that was so rudely interrupted). A path I knew I could travel without him seeing me or getting winded if the wind was right. Well, the wind was right and I followed my way points to a tee. Took about an hour to get where I wanted to be and I didn't make a peep the whole way. He had no clue.

So there I was prone, rifle on my backpack, 100 yards away, staring at his neck/head protruding from a bush. I had usually spotted him around 400-500 yards, but I like to get in close. It would have been real tough with a bow, not sure I could have pulled it off. I wanted to wait him out and have him stand up on his own so I could get a shot without him ever knowing I was there. But it seemed he was content to sit there until after shooting light.

With about 15 minutes of shooting light left, I had to make some grunts to try and get him to stand. He looked toward my direction, but didn’t want to stand. A few minutes later, I took the only shot I had visible, through the throat. Instant kill, didn't move a muscle, his head just fell over. I dressed him out in the dark and hauled him back to the truck.

By the time I got home it was around 9pm, but I had to wake my son up and show him the buck we had been looking at up close. Had a hard time getting him to go back to bed after that! My youngest boy would have to wait until morning to see it because all hell breaks loose if we interrupt his sleep. Wife was proud (and probably relieved that I would be around a little more than I had been previously). The only thing that could have made the story better was if the boys were with me at the time of the kill. No rush though, they are so fun at this age. I can get them out on some easier hunts for the time being.

I was also fortunate enough to take another buck (spike) with my bow out of state. The family has been eating a lot of venison lately and all is right in the world.......for now...

.Buck.jpegBuck 3.jpegBoy.jpegEuro 1.jpg

Boy.jpeg Buck 3.jpeg Buck.jpeg Euro 1.jpg
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"yes,it killed the hound..ferocious bitch she was"
Aug 2, 2013
AHH..THE THROAT..MY FAVORITE ANCHOR POINT! good job dude..way to stick with it and finish!
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Dec 20, 2014
love neck shots! Great buck your kid probably thinks you are superman. Congrats.
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