A22 Buck Down !


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Feb 3, 2011
Buck Down !!!

Got this guy a few weeks ago with my A22. I had a few pictures of him chasing does around our property but he was never there when I was. During D16 season my brother almost had a 40 yard shot with his rifle as he was walking in 20 minutes late to the stand. (snooze you loose).

I took off work early and got into the stand about 3:00 PM that day. I had a doe walk by at 3:30 and I text my wife a picture. She text back with “Shoot it, we need the meat”. 40 -50 minutes later there were 3 more doe walking up the same trail. I watched them the whole way and didn’t think about taking one. There was still time left in the season and I had already scheduled to take more time off. The first doe heard the others and came back to greet them. With 4 doe walking in the leaves at the same time I didn’t hear the buck walking in. He came in behind a tree the whole way so I didn’t see him until he stepped out at 8 yards under my stand. The doe pushed up the hill and he stopped at 20 yards watching them. We was facing away from me and I was looking down on his entire back. Not the shot I wanted on the biggest California buck I have ever seen from a stand. With a bush in front of him I knew he would eventually need to turn broadside to get to the doe. As he kept watch on his ladies, I waited 3.5 minutes for him to turn. He took 2 steps to his left and gave me a perfect quartering away shot. I slowly drew back my bow and settle the pin on his heart. One of the doe saw me draw back and was about to blow the whole plan but it was too late. WACK !!!!!!! The arrow hit the opposite shoulder and stopped. I saw the arrow as he ran. He only went about 30 yards and fell over dead. My biggest California buck to date.

Hanging from the cabin I’ve been building for the last few years. (Please don’t ask where it is.)

Yes there is a tag on it. 20191214_205603.jpg20191214_202107.jpg20191213_172745.jpg20191213_182517.jpg20191213_182538.jpg20191213_185620.jpg20191214_121434.jpg20191214_075744.jpg


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Dec 20, 2014
Nice buck and love the cabin. We have been looking at a few up on the mountain lately.