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Sep 13, 2011
Alpine, Ca
Where are all the a22 reports, just got home from dove hunting and was hoping to see some success.

Anybody see anything??
i was out :D yesterday and this morning.......

yesterday my buddy on the other side of the draw we were hunting , he too k a shot at a big bodyed 3x2 and he missed 20 yrds away if he would have past on that shot .that buck would have came right on by me on that same trail and id rolled his ass over :D . but nopehelooked right at my buddy and i dont know what happened .he wiffed it guys . all and all yesterday was fun bu didnt see any doe's.

this morning kinda blew we didnt see anything till i got tired of sitting and desided to see if i could push some deer my buddys way..... that said i jumped a hog of a doe. and she took off the wrong way.

the moon was full friday night and seemed to be full last night so i dont know if that played an effect on deer movement cause there wasnt that much that i seen
Good deal... At least your in some action, keep after 'em!
Y'all won't get a report from me until after Sept 8th, I'm stuck in New Mexico with out a tag here ! I'm chomping at the bit to get home and put the sneak on one! Stay tuned.
I didn't go out. After the long trip in Utah I had to get some things cleaned up and put away. Next weekend.............
Thanks guys,
I'm sitting here thinking I don't have much going on this afternoon might head out and at least check to see if they are moving around in this heat and with the full moon.
Went out yesterday but no luck. Saw 7 does and one buck buy couldn't make out his rack. Saw two hogs about 600 yards out but they were gone by the time I made it toward their location. Decided to skip today and concentrate next weekend.
Nothing exciting here. Hunted 2 days and had does under 35 yards each day but I'm not sticking one for a long while. The moon was bright.... so bright that while walking in this morning, without the aid of any light I found a small antler shed laying in the grass.
Went out this evening and sat for an hour and a half, saw 5 does and 1 first year buck, one doe within 35 yds, but gonna try and hold out on shooting a doe for a while.
I only hunted the a.m. opener. I took my wife out for her first local archery hunt so I was hoping that something would come through just to spark her excitement if nothing else. At @ 9:15 we had a small doe at 20 yards. Overall it was a fun hunt...just wish that doe was bigger. ;)

I am off to Colorado on Friday so I wont have a local report for a few weeks. Good luck all!
I have only been getting pictures of does and bucks in the evening. All of the photos are after 6 pm with an occasional hunter passing through in the early morning. Good Luck.

Been out a few times... I am seeing a record amount of spikes and looks like you all are killing to many yotes cause every doe that I saw today had a fawn.
Went up for a few hours saturday morning, had 2 does feed around me for an hour and twenty minutes, no bucks.

As the light was starting to show through the sky I was glassing around and saw some orange real close to my stand, couldn't make it out but once it got light enough I could see some prick put up a stand 55yds. from mine. I couldn't believe it. First off I understand it is public land, but what about a little courtesy, I could literally shoot this stand, it's only 8' off the ground right in the open with absolutly no cover. Just bummed out, I've been working on this spot for months, thought I would have at least some sort of distance from another hunter since it is a 2 mile hike from the truck.
Not sure what to do? Probably just deal with it, I just hope he doesn't come in late from the wrong direction and spook the damn deer. Done venting.
Unfortunately some folks just don't get it. Is it possible he did not see you or your stand?

Public land can be tough that's for sure.
I,ve been there, I feel your pain man. One year I had a stand on both sides of me. The next year I found an awesome spot in a little off shoot canyon deep in the back woods. There were beds, water, and trails. I hung my stand and cut shooting lanes. I stopped by the archery shop to get a few things the next week and the guy there said he thinks he knows where my stand is because he saw my truck parked near by. I jokingly said you'll never find it. The he pulls out his cell phone and showed me a picture of it. Then asks if he can sit in it on the days I'm not. WTF. I sat in it once and then pulled it down.
dang man that sucks . leave a note on his stand in a zip lock bag an say unless u want your stand thrown away take it home .

signed tree hugger

and leave the same note on your stand so if he thinks its u and looks at your stand it will have the same note.

it could work ?
stikbrandon said:
dang man that sucks . leave a note on his stand in a zip lock bag an say unless u want your stand thrown away take it home .

signed tree hugger

and leave the same note on your stand so if he thinks its u and looks at your stand it will have the same note.

it could work ?

stikbrandon might just have something there.

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