Advice on BInos?


Jun 5, 2012
San Diego
I need to get a decent pair of binos? New to Mule Deer hunting. But I have heard good things about the price and quality of Refield. Has anyone used these?
I am leaning toward the Redfield Rebel 10x42.
Bino's are one of the most important tools in your quiver, you'll spend more time using them than any other piece of equipment you carry hunting. When it comes to selecting a pair buy the very best your budget will allow. A bad pair will cause fatigue and eye strain and in the end you'll be inclined to not use them if they bother you eyes. Redfield is part of Leupold now and Leupold is a good American brand, the Japanese make good glass and if your budget allows you can never go wrong with Swarovski or Leica. If you do a side by side test of the expensive stuff compared to the less expensive brands available the difference will be very apparent. A good high end pair of bino's will last a life time so don't be afraid to spend the big bucks and buy the good stuff
I was looking at the 10x42 Nikon at the Bow & Arrow shop today and they were under $200.00 and I thought they had great
vision for there size. I have a pair of 8.5 x 56 Nikon I love but there a little big.
Thanks? Where is the best place in SD county to get some hands on some binos in the store to do side by side comparisons?
Like said above. Buy the best your budget will allow. I know Vortex has some great glass on the cheaper side. From what I've seen is most pairs will be clear in daylight but the difference is in low light conditions and clarity around the edges.

Also, a tripod will make any pair of binos alot better!!
Another place you could look is on If your patient you can find some great binos for cheap. Right now they have a pair of Nikon Monarchs for $240. I saw a pair of zeiss on there the other day.

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