All you spots are belong to me. (I dont want ur spots)


Aug 24, 2019
San Diego
Do you like being stuck in molds society dictates that you're supposed to fit into? Personally I'm not a fan of doing so.
Ur use of "whoo lawdy" is the only reason I ask. I meant no offense. Was hoping to get a good greens and rabbit recipe tho.


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Nov 28, 2018
It's all good man, No offense taken. I just thought it was interesting for you to think I could be from the South. If I like an expression, I'll use it, regardless of its origin.

I'd use a much fattier meat than Rabbit together with collard greens though if possible.

And add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil into the water along with your spice choices with it. And a big pot with greens can take a surprising amount of Salt added into it before it tastes "right". Maybe for your first try start with adding Chicken Boullion into the water first until your nose tells you you've got enough of that... 2-3 cans of the stewed tomatoes that have Garlic, Basil Oregano already in them... then whatever other herbs your nose tells you would be good to add (such as a lil more Oregano and maybe some Cumin?)... then after some boiling time, slowly bring up the salt content (Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt, not regular ol Iodized Salt) to your taste. (Some MSG before the salt, BTW). A few small dashes of Sriracha is another good all-purpose one too. And a few twists of the grinder of Peppercorn Melange (no more than 5 twists though). Then just boil/simmer over medium/low heat until the meat is tender and the leaves/stems are nice and soft. It'll take a bit for the stems, hence the low-and-slow so the meat doesn't get boiled to the point of being flavorless. :)
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