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Apr 4, 2016
Never shot one with a bow, but have been on a bunch of successful hunts with others.....They have all used standard RAGE mechanicals.

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I’ve taken a few with my bow now so here it goes...
1. Rage 2 blade 2” cutting diameter
2. I never shoot at turkeys with a bow over 20yds because the vitals are really small. After talking archery turkey hunting with professional hunter Michael Waddell he told me that this is his philosophy as well. Wounding turkeys with a bow is way too common.
3. Some people reduce their draw. I keep mine at 60lbs.
4. There are many shot placement options. I prefer to follow the leg up to where it meets the wing feathers. This will take out their hips and they won’t be able to fly.
5. Use a pop up blind and keep your decoys close.

Good luck and hope this helps!