Arizona Big Bucks Down


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Jan 6, 2011
San Diego
My buddy Jeff’s teenage boys just put these monsters down this week. They both drew rifle tags and dropped these bucks in two days. Must be nice to be a resident. Jeff told me that he shot a monster bull in 7W that took them two days to find and when they did someone had sawed off the rack. This bull had 10 points on one side and was pushing 400, Not cool.

My first hunt of the New Year will be the over the counter archery deer tag in Arizona and I know just where these toads are. Focused more on our hunts here right now but looking forward to the New Year.


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Yea, He grew up in Lakeside and moved to Arizona several years ago. If y ou know Jeff you know he is a game slayer or just gets damn lucky.
That is large. Looks like they're hunters for life. Give them my congrats!

Makes me jealous that we don't have bucks like that running around here.
Great bucks! Arizona is the place to be. What zone did they draw Mike. I am heading out to AZ Friday to do some scouting over the weekend. Skinny Hunter has a tag in an area that I know well. He has a good chance at a big deer. Hopefully we find him one.
Nice bucks reminds me the ones in Sonora Mexico. Thanks for sharing Mike.
Better picture of Jefferies buck, These are some great bucks, Good job boys.


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That buck is a fantastic animal. I love a tall rack like that...
Hey Mike
Maybe you can get a hold of your friend and get him to put a story on here.Tell him there are some old friends waiting for the story.

Both of those bucks are impressive.
oneazbowhunter said:
these bucks are in our "backyard" in 19a..and for you Mike we shoot waaaay too many big bucks to be just gittin lucky..ha
That's the Jeff I know, way to go KILLER!
Jeff you know how damn lucky you are, Just to give you guys and idea Jeff was drawn for a premier New Mexico Elk tag this year, also drew a strip tag and also got a 7W Elk tag close to his home. Now you can see it runs in the family because the boys both got buck tags and put these awesome bucks on the ground.

I do give you all the credit in the world bro, you are one of the best big game hunters I know and you are passing on some great hunting knowledge to your boys like I am for my son Justin and that is what it is all about right guys. Good Hunting Bro.
Mike, you might fall asleep at eh wheel on the way over, So, I volunteer to go with you to keep you awake.
Just need a tag, now.
Bro the only luck in drawing tags was N.M. because they have no bonus pt. system..but here I had 9pts for deer and elk..had a 67% of drawing the strip and 73% chance on 7w...but I have a hunter ed pt and a loyalty i start over with 2pts...bro you comin over in Jan with Booger?

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