Bad time for out of state hunts?


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Feb 11, 2019
As soon as last year's season was over, I got the epics outdoors membership and paid them to apply for tags in different states.
I don't have points, time or the interest to research odds, or zones in another states. I figured I let the guys do what they do best.

Wyoming for pronghorn..(guys said just buy points)
Arizona for Cous deer (waiting) and Elk (did not get)
Colorado for Mule deer (waiting)

After the winter many of the states had..the number of death game is extremely high...I heard on a podcast that 80% of pronghorn died.
Colorado Northwest zones were hit very hard and much of the fawns and calfs did not make it.
I don't know about AZ but I would imagine it depends on the area.

Go figures just when I decided give out of states hunt a try.

Honestly I am thinking If I get a CO tag I might just turn the tag in.

Anyone in the same boat?
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You were born 40 years too late. States are putting the screws to non resident hunters... less and less opportunities. Ed F
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Depends on the area and species. Terrible year for Antelope in WY. Best year in the last decade for deer in AZ. UT depends on the part of the state you applied.

I would trust what they are telling you unless you have very good info not to believe them.
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.No truck...NO DICE!! I hate outta state hunting..uggh
We will be hunting three out of state hunts this year in three different states. Everyone keeps saying don’t hunt but honestly who’s to say we don’t have another bad winter. Not to mention if there is an extreme kill off it would take 4 good years to get mature deer. So if not now when?
I am blessed enough to hunt a few states every year as well. I can't think of a single tag I regret drawing/hunting.

Honestly, the most dissapointed I may have been on a tag/hunt was D16 last year funny enough.
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