Bass pro shops, what a nightmare


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Feb 17, 2011
I took my buddy who wants to start shooting a bow, and my daughter who would be doing the same. We were the first ones in the archery shop when they opened.
One guy was working, and while he tried to set up a bow for my daughter to shoot, and my buddy. A line of people had formed he was overwhelmed in minutes, to a crowd of people who wanted help. He called for help, but nobody knew archery. One man, ( an obvious regular) came in just to shoot his bow in the range. Like the shop didn't have a enough chaos going on. We felt so much pressure to get out of there, that we only bought one bow, instead of the 3 we were going to. People were sighing, folding their arms, and tapping their feet. I couldn't wait to get out of there.
Bass Pro: It is Black Friday weekend ( Sunday), it is still archery season, and you have one person working the archery shop. shame on you! get a clue, there should have been 3 people at least.
Lesson learned. I need to find the bow shop in Lakeside, and give my money to a small shop instead of the Walmart of outdoor stores.
Go talk to Bruce.
He will set you up right and still be there when you need his help later.
Do'nt want to rub it in but you probably spent more on fuel than you would have saved.
Lakeside is where I spend my money.It is a small shop but there is a brother hood thing going on there.And if the guys there are busy for the moment one of the regulars will help you out until one of the techs can help you.And I they don't just sell you a bow,they teach you how to shoot and how to practice.Its kinda like when you buy a bow at most shops you leave there a new bow owner but when you buy at Lakeside you will leave there a beginner archer.
Bow N Arrow shop in Lakeside. Bruce and his boys are by for the best..... hands down!!!! You will want to slap yourself for going anywhere else.

9748 Los Coches Rd. Ste 5 Lakeside, CA 92040
Local shops both gun and bow stay in business by selling the sport and not just hardware. That is the principle difference between the big warehouses and local stores.
Sure you have experienced the worst at the chain store. (Sorry for your pain) The local shop the boys have mentioned above will get you on the right track. I would like to say ARCHERY is a huge game of patients 8). That includes getting set up with a full rig!! It generally takes 2 to 3 hours from start to finish for proper fit, bow adjustment and pre tune adjustment, arrow measurement and cut. That doesn’t include installing all the accessories on the bow. The most important thing to keep in mind when getting fit for a bow, is to ensure "above all else" that you do not get fit with a bow with to long of a draw length. You will never be able to shoot with any consistency shooting an overdrawn bow. You will be better off shooting one a tad short. You can get an idea of your draw length by placing your left fist against the wall and extending out as you would hold the bow and measure to the corner of your mouth. That will give you the starting point of dram length. The last thing is to only shoot a draw weight you can comfortably draw without massive strain. Good luck in your ARCHERY venture ;) If you stick with it, you will be delightfully rewarded.
Always buy the big items at your local shop! If not. They won't be around when you need them.
Bass proshop in so cal is less than satisfactory. Not sure where you live but some of us folks down here in SD county really like Willow creek archery in Escondido, Jim the owner is a avid big game hunter as well as a butcher, have traded with him for many years, he is honest and will give you his best opinion regardless of sale and he knows his stuff. I always try to support the small guy when possible as they generally know best...
I agree with all of you.
I have been shooting a bow, or bow hunting for 30 years now, and I do have experience enough to get me through most of the basics.
I went to another local shop( initials P.A.). and he only had one bow in the shop that would accommodate my draw length. I went to Bass Pro to try as many different bows as I could. I figured they would have a lot of bows my draw length.
I also, pretty much knew what I was going to buy my daughter. hers was easy.
The plan backfired when the salesperson didn't have time to get multiple bows out with my draw length (31").
and still set up all 3 of us.
Thank you for including Bruce's address, and the name of the shop in Escondido.
I like the comment
"Always buy the big items at your local shop! " -Buckhunter

So true my taste/view has been altered quickly about BP.
Ratz, Come on you know better than that. You are local to the east county so these guys are right go see Bruce and tell him I sent you he will hook you up. Like I say on a new bow you need to shoot them all and than find what best fits you feel. Your top three will be Hoyt, Mathews and Bow Tech. I shoot Bow Tech and out to a hunderd yards I am deadly. Touch base with me if you need any help.
I only go into BPS to buy items my local shop doesn't carry, my local shops prices are usually only off of BPS by a couple of $, Besides its kinda scary when they set things up there, I was in there one day using the range on my lunch break getting ready for my Ark trip and there was a guy in there with his son and he was shooting a youth bow. The kid could not close his left eye, so I mentioned to the dad that he may be left eye dominant and he should check b4 spending money on a bow so they checked him and he was left eye dominant, instead of getting the kid a left handed bow the guy said he will be fine with this one he just needs to wear an eye patch. I do know of a few people that do this to force their right eye dominance but on a kid this small and having his first bow I didn't see the point they did have that exact same model in a left hand bow (i almost bought it for my nephew). Just kinda rubbed me the wrong way, lots of kids are ruined because they are not set up with whats comfortable for them.
Hey Ratz, unless your 6'5" tall I highly doubt you are a 31" draw. I only say this due to my extensive knowledge of archery and the industry. I have fit literally thousands of people in a bow. Most adult men 5' / 6'2" tall will shoot a bow from 27 1/2" to 29 1/2". As I mentioned in my earlier post. Stand with your feet parallel to the wall extend your arm out with fist against the wall. Turn your head directly looking at the wall. Have your Buddy Measure from the wall to the corner of your mouth. You might be very surprised.

If the string of the bow when at full draw, is running across your cheek and not in the front of your face (tip of your nose, bottom of your chin) or if the string is at all touching any part of your chest, shoulder or abdomin and if you are not able to stand up tall without leaning backwards the bow is too long.

Just Saying :)
Got a call From the BPS store manager. He appologized, and said he made scheduling changes to fix the problem, and that I should call him before I head back there, and he was going to take care of me, and "make it right".
Well that's doesn't make up for it but it is a step in the right direction regarding customer service.
He'll give you a Huge (in his eyes) 10% MAKE IT WRITE discount!! Ok!Ok! lets not Stick him with a sharp broadhead!!Sounds like he wants to fix it and make it right with his customer service skills. 8)
Found my way out to Bruces shop out in Lakeside today. Real nice people.
He measured my draw length and told me I was unusually large ( which I had heard before :D ).
I measured out at a 32" draw length. because of My height, and long arms. But he said I would be fine with a 31" , or even a 30.5 with a larger loop.

I was surprised at how busy he was at 12noon on a Thursday. probably had 6 customers. I told him I would be back.
Thanks everyone who suggested him

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