Bow Fishing - Big Bear Lake


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Feb 3, 2011
Save the date::::: Annual Big Bear Lake carp shoot is June 25th and 26th. If you have always wanted to go bow fishing and just didn’t know where to go then this is the time. Lot's of fun and cash prizes.

(standard Fishing License is required)

The flyer is to big to post. I can email it to you if you want.
Hey Jim,

I used to be a very avid bow fisherman. Fishing corbina in the surf below Del Mar was my deal. I am very interested. Would you e-mail me the flyer.

It will give me a reason to break out my Martin re-curve. Rube Powell built it for me. ;D



You know I used to work for Rube back when I was a kid making arrows up. The Balboa
Archery Range is named after him; great guy.
Jim made me think of him. He was a crotchety old dude but he was the Extreme Bow Guy of his time.
Sounds like Rube is a San Diego legend.

John, I like your new profile picture. (Classic)
My wife and I did this several years ago in Big Bear and it was a blast. Used to put rubber tree leaves in the pool for practice. Shoot Low or you go right over them....
And use a pair of polarized sunglasses too. You can see right into the water.
First Post! And a subject dear to my heart! I have a new Oneida I rebuilt just for bowfishing I need to outfit. Can't wait to try it.
This is several years ago at the Big Bear shoot:

Welcome aboard Baja. Nice looking pick. Thanks for the cool post!
Haven't fallen in yet - but there were some times it was close! The outriggers make for a really stable platform though.
My brothers ran down to a local fishing hole in OC and took a few shots.

I was at work :'(


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