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“Venison” It’s what’s for dinner!
Feb 3, 2011
This Saturday morning started out early. My wife and I got into a double stand before light and I was going to try to video for her. She was going to try and take a doe or buck with her bow. At 7:00 AM a doe with twin fawns came in and hung around broadside for 20 minutes. She let her walk. We came home and I changed and got some lunch and headed back out alone for the afternoon hunt. Everything was quite for the first few hours in the stand and only the flies were out. At 5:30 PM I heard something moving through the brush behind me and was trying to confirm what it was. Then I look to my right and there he is standing at 45 yards with just his head sticking out from behind a bush. I recognize him as the 2x3 with one eye guard from my scouting cameras and he looks even better than I had thought. A minute later a doe steps out from behind me and walks right passed me. Then I hear something to my left. I turned slowly to see a bigger buck run by to catch up with the doe. All 3 deer are now in front of me in a small clearing where I have no shooting window. The two bucks are squaring off and sizing each other up. I hear something to my left again, and turn to see a spike walk down the trail and stand at 20 yards. He keeps his distance and doesn’t want any part of the fight. After 10 minutes the 2x3 goes back in the bush to make a big circle and try to sneak in from behind and steal the doe. I hit the Primos doe bleat can and waited. I could hear him coming closer. When he stepped out he was directly below me. I was ready, and waiting. Whack !!!!! The Rage cut his tenderloin in half and exited the 2 rib from the back and low. Liver shot. I packed up and waited one hour just to be safe. The arrow was dark red and dripping. I was looking everywhere and couldn’t find the start of the blood trail. After a good 30 minutes in the dark with a headlamp light I finally found blood 60 yards from the stand. The trail was sparse and discouraging. An hour later I had only gone 25 yards. At the end I was on my hands and knees with a headlamp on my head, small LED flashlight in one hand and a cell phone light in the other. The blood trail got better as the buck had slowed down. I knew he would be close now. I stood up and looked around in the brush ahead and saw hooves sticking up. BUCK DOWN !!!!! It was one of the biggest bodied bucks I have ever shot. I drug it another 100 yards further from the stand to gut it. I think it out weighed me. I called my wife, and brothers then got to work. I didn’t get back to my truck with my prize until 11:45 PM. Instead of driving all the way home I got some fast food, ice for the meat, and a room. I was asleep by 1:15 AM. At 4:45 AM the alarm went off and I headed back up to do it again for a morning hunt. That’s Right !! When there is a hot doe in your area you can’t go home and wait for next weekend to roll around.

Sunday was busy with a bobcat and 6 coyotes from 5 yards to 40 yards. No shots on those coyotes. I had one at 5 yards but my bow was on the hook and I had a pack of doughnuts in my hand………..LOL. He busted me. I saw one nice buck at 200 yards so I hit the doe bleat and he started to change his direction towards me. But then entered the brush and didn’t come out. I got home in the late afternoon and was welcomed home with high 5’s and hugs from my kids. In my house we have a term garage buck. That’s because my wife will only let the mount inside the house if it makes CBH book. All others are hung in the garage on the wall of shame and I have a spot waiting for this guy.

Contest, or no contest I’m happy with any mature buck that I can take down with my bow right here in So. Cal.

Now who’s next?

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Great Story and a fantastic local buck. Nice job Jim! Congratulations to a job well done! You are a hell of a hunter.
Nice job Jim way to get on the board, remember there is a rifle and archery prize and that buck is going to be hard to beat on the archery side. I can’t sign up being I am part of the contest but you have set the bar for this year and I am coming after you. What a great story bro I am stoked for you. I have not seen much of anything this year but I am only looking for one deer and he is not on the mountain yet, Good Hunting.
Awesome story and great verbage, you should be a writer for a hunting magazine. One question, where did you skin that buck? In the shower of the hotel? LOL

I returned Sunday morning at 3:30 am from my 10 mile,7 day, Mule pack D7 hunt, wow what a hunt, 30" of snow fell, drifts up to my groin, so cold ammo was frozen in the chamber.

Went 5 days without seeing a deer, then shot the first buck I seen in fear of going home empty (2X2). I should have waited, we ended up filling 4 out of five tags, one 4X4 (my sons) one 4X3 and two forked horns. No pics. to post yet,
I only have video.

Now it's time to fill the A22.

Good job Buck Hunter....Congrats!
Nice Job Top Buck. Way to get it done in tough conditions. If you need any help with the video - We are more than willing to help you with some post production so everyone can enjoy.
Awesome buck! and specially great cam pics, well done Jim. Great narration ...... I did not see the tag on any picture for the contest to validate it just in case so make sure you take one before buck goes to the fridge.
Santiago Cohen said:
I did not see the tag on any picture for the contest

No worry’s Santiago. I have a picture of the punched tag in the field I can send to you. In the picture my home address is visible and I’d I rather not receive any hate mail or red paint thrown on me from PETA. ;D
Thanks Guys ! Did you guys all see the big buck contest info on the main page? Are you in? There is still time to sign up. You’re not all going to let me win the archery contest with this guy are you?
Yea all of you guys don't forget to take that picture with the tag next to the buck, as we will ask for it eventually. And if you post it please cover your address.... thanks BuckHunter.
Congrats on your trophy! Really nice buck and even more impressive that you have the "before and after" picture of him!
And the work is finally over. Got him all processed and in the freezer. I am so sore from dragging that guy around and backing him out. Good thing I only got one.


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Great job Jim! Nice looking deer. This is Matt from the Utah trip. Haven't been out too much but did almost get a shot at nice forky on Palomar one morning before work. Will be up on Laguna a little later in season, possibly D-16 rifle season but with bow. Take care and good luck in the field.

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