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Jan 6, 2011
San Diego
I heard today that a guy up in the Lagunas climbed in his stand and before he could get his bow up two DFG officers approached his stand and accused him of baiting deer. He was fined and they took his tree stands, bow, pack back, tags, everything. They also said that being the area was baited that no one could hunt within 400 yards of that area. I also heard that they have several cameras up there and they are taking a log list of all our vehicles.

Like I have always said if you just pattern the does and the heavy trails you don’t need to bait these deer. I guess he had corn nuts and a trophy rock.
That sucks that the DFG has cameras up. So much for being alone in the woods.

Baiting...so unnecessary. Certainly not worth the risk.
I guess all the hunters are suppose to know where this 400yd circle is?
I was just up there Thursday, and I exposed my nuts...... I hope they don't come after me.
The sold out (above and beyond what usually sells)D-16 tags most have went to a bunch of idiots who have to ruin it for the rest.
With so many tags sold F&G has more hunters to chase then we have deer
You have to wonder if they have cameras up or are they checking everybodys cameras.They could go through find a camera pull the card and check it,they could even erase pics they did'nt want you to see and put the card back.If they find somthing they don't like they could set up a sting,something like what you heard about.
I wonder if F & G would site someone if they threw an apple core on the ground from a tree stand or spilt some Frito's?
How about taking a dump after a night of peanuts and beer? ;D
I'm with Ratz, how is anyone to know what the 400Yrd area is. Knowing are wonderful state officials they will just close the entire area to the the general public then start a nother pilot law for some other kind of adventure pass to access the area in 14 days!!

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