Coyote Tournament


I despise granola heads!
Aug 1, 2011
I don't know about y'all but coyote season starts for my partner and I as soon as are deer tags are filled, has anyone herd of a So.Cal. coyote or predator calling tournament? I know they hold them in AZ. and New Mexico.

Any info you have would be appreciated. THX
I've heard of this club before, I was thinking more in house like the deer contest. Think about it.
Always open to new ideas TB. Put some structure around what your thinking and let me know.
I wish I had some coyote skills. They always seem to give me the slip.
BuckHunter said:
I wish I had some coyote skills. They always seem to give me the slip.

Get yourself a Foxpro and let it do the work for you....once you get the hang of it you will be hooked!
I was coming back from Ramona early this morning and seen a monster yote right at Poway Rd. and 67. Great thick coat on this dog.
We could use the skulls for scoring just like the bears, cats and hogs are scored.

Have a meeting place on a specific date Say Mid February or March,

Have pic of dog.

Skull to be boiled

I have a very nice squeeze box for measuring and would volunteer my time. I could make up some scoring sheets as well.

They usually score them by size. A prize for the largest, the smallest and the most taken. All that goes for coyote, fox and bobcat too.
Ok - I am partnering with SoCalHunter.

Someone put a poll together regarding a contest. SCH will support it if there is enough interest. I think that we should get this contest going but every person that enters needs to bring in a new member.

What say you SCH members and guests?

John and the SCH team
I'm good no matter how it's done. Problem I see with biggest smallest and most is how is it verified? Do you have one weekend to kill all your dogs and meet? Or do you use the honor system. I just need more info on the logistics.

My Thought with the skulls was, the hunter would have to boil the skulls (he would have a nice trophy after the fact) he could hunt for a couple of months to do his callen and killen bring them all in and score the largest, smallest and the most.

It's all good with me I'm a coyote killer!!!
Put some sort of legal and sensible identification and contest rule together and let me review it.
Ah yea, you won't find me boiling any skulls on the camp chef cook top! A deer smells bad enough....couldn't imagine. I say pick a time period (4 weeks?)and take dated photos, the team of two hunters with the most kills wins.

Keep it simple, although I may not be able to take part, I may be working in New Mexico like I am now!
I haven't entered any here,but i know most are held over a weekend...shoot as many dogs as you can from sat morning til noon sun and then everybody meets for a weigh-in and bbq

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