D-11 Buck Down For The Gteam

Aug 7, 2013
Anthony and I went out yesterday morning to see if we could find a buck for him. With very limited time to hunt this season Anthony was not going to be picky. He told me that if we could find a legal buck, he would go for it. At first light we glassed up two bucks and three does. The bucks were about a half mile down the canyon from us feeding. We waited for the spike fork to bed and made a plan to move in, the other buck was a small spike.
As we got to the base of the ridge that the buck was bedded on, Anthony pointed out and told me that there were deer in the oaks in front of us. I looked up to see the spike fork following a doe, on a trail that would lead them right to us. When the buck got to 20 yards Anthony drew his bow and the buck spooked, only to stop at 30 yards perfectly broadside. it seemed like slow motion when he released the arrow until it impacted on the bucks shoulder. The buck took off hard and crashed about 40 yards to our left. No tracking needed on this buck it was time to high five and celebrate. Timothy joined us to help dress and pack out the buck, while we were working on the buck we had another buck come down the same trail as Anthony's buck. Timothy was able to get a crack at him but couldn't connect, we'll have to come back for that guy. Always a blast hunting with these guys, can't wait for the next adventure. IMG_0392.jpg
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Oct 24, 2013
Way to go Anthony , wish I could have been out there! Joaquin's soccer season in full swing. I had a feeling we'd be seeing that buck up close soon. : )