End of Season for me...


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Sep 26, 2018
The Spring Turkey Season has come to an end for me. I am not a bowhunter so I cannot enjoy the extra time some of you still have.
At this point I have to do an evaluation of my own improvements and decide if I am making progress or not and where do I need to work more so the next season I can get my first turkey.
Looking back in time, I realized that I started to hunt in San Diego Last year, let alone hunt TURKEYS!!! Smart animals they are. I had to learn to scout, to call, to seat steady and be quiet, to wake up almost before I felt at sleep and drive to places I have never been before. All that done alone with the help and support of good members of the San Diego Chapter of NWTF, one of them was Paul Conner to whom I will always be grateful for taking the time and have long chats with me trying to teach me as much as he could. I miss him and I believe that many of us do. Last year I did see turkeys at only one place once, after that I never saw or heard a turkey again. I drove all over the place, learn the land a lot, but they just disappeared on me, though I never gave up.
This year, was different, probably because of the experience gained scouting for deer and turkeys last winter. Pretty much every place I e-scouted and then visited in person had birds. Only one place where I found birds before the season started left me with a sour taste on my mouth. I have gone to incredible lengths to find them, the last trip was last week and most of you know what happened that day. You can see that I do not give up that easy. LOL . Yesterday I visited one of those places for the third time and the Tom I have been chasing there lifted his middle finger to me one more time. That's ok. Next season I will whack him and instead of gobbling to me he will be singing with the chorus of angels.
This season also gave me the opportunity of introducing my son to turkey hunting. He is hooked. I think that he is going to become a cold blood killer, I can see it. He gets anxious when we have to seat and wait. He wants to go and get them. Another good thing was the fact that I met a couple of fine people that shared their days hunting with me. We had a good time ( at least I did).
Overall it was a good one, I can't wait to the next.
In the meantime, I started to get ready for deer season. That will be another experience. If someone wants to spend some time with me scouting you will be welcome.
Again, I want to say thank you to all of you who have helped me get this far.
I really appreciate it.

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Nov 15, 2017
Sounds like a successful season to me. The fact that you got your son hooked is better than bagging a million turkeys. Can’t wait until my boys are old enough.

I’m in the same boat. My first year turkey hunting and no bird. Although I will probably bring the bow out and try a few more times this season. Attitude is everything. Never give up and enjoy it all, successes and failures.
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Nov 20, 2016
Great recap! When it happens for you, you will have extra satisfaction knowing that YOU did the work. Love the photo too!
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Oct 26, 2018
Had a great time hunting with you this season Fabian!
If I can carve out some time for the archery turkey hunting season I will hit you up.
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Jan 30, 2014
San Diego
Your season sounds a lot like mine. Great recap and way to get to your son involved. I hiked about 8 miles last weekend seen tracks and some scat but no birds but the scenery was awesome.

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Nov 28, 2018
Whatever you do.. DO NOT QUIT!!! Logically... you know that if you keep persisting, it just makes sense that eventually it will happen and it stands to reason that sooner or later you'll make it stick.

And each and every time you go out you're always learning something.

BUT... if you quit.. you'll never get to experience that feeling!! That Truly Epic.... Invincible feeling!!! That you DID make it happen! That you took "The Impossible" and made it Happen!

There are soo few things in life that feel so life-changing like that!

#BeThePredator man! MAKE it Happen!

Like I say Man...

Remember, None of us was born knowing ANY of this... if someone else can do it... YOU can Too!