Eurasian Dove, aka Ring Neck Dove, aka Collard Dove


Apr 10, 2011
A Friend of mine ran into a warded down in the Imperial Valley today and he was told that Euro's may be able to be hunted year round possibly. I guess they are working on making the change. He was informed that they have been pushing the morning dove out of areas and it has become a concern to the DFG.
It would be nice being they are a bigger bird and they are growing quickly in the valley. If they open a year around season for Eurasians you know everyone will be out there shooting every dam dove they see. It could hurt the morning dove population, drive them out of the valley and screw up there breeding. It would be fun to shoot doves year around but at what expense?
You could be right Mike. Hopefully, folks would follow the laws and the laws would be enforced. Dove are migratory upland game animals unlike quail and the likes. The Eurasians become localized and that is where the problem rears its head. They are much like their cousin bird - the pigeon.

I would not complain if the opportunity arose allowing me to pound a few of the said birds in the off months.

Those things are huge and just like a pigeon. Every time I have shot one I have found their gizzard /neck filled with dog food and french fries.

I know my ducks on the wing, but not sure if could tell the difference on a dove when they’re flying at 60 mph and the sun is in my eyes.
Just spent last week in Yuma.Saw lots of Eurasians and lots of Whitewings and of course the Mornings are everywhere.
Looking forward to the opener in Yuma, it's always a great way to start the hunting season.

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