Larry Cochran

Utah Buck 2010
Jan 8, 2011
Alpine, Ca
There is going to be a hog butchering class on April 23 in Descanco, Ca. It is going to be put on by Dougs Wilderness Adventures, if you are interested look up the info on the web and send them an email. He is only taking 25 people and he is serving lunch. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them.
Has anyone ever gone on one of the hog hunts with this guy?
There will be a $25.00 fee(lunch included) and the address will be 24256 Viejas Grade Road, Descanco, Ca 91916 /
Phone #1-619-445-2305. Call soon he is only taking 25 people.
I have talked to the owner before and his descanso operation is a high fenced area primarily designed for youth hunters. I don't think the place is really big since you have to stay in a stand and wait for the pigs to walk by. The guy sounds like a nice guy and honest. I will be taking my kids up for them to nab one of the pigs up there in may.
I know Doug and he is a great guy. One of my boys did hunter safety with him. He does have pigs and it's prefect for you kids hog hunt. This will allow them to get a good feel. It is a small area but again I will say this is perfect for kids specially young kids. I truly like Doug and he is very knowledgeable. He has taken down some huge game and has taken a lot of local deer. I would love to take both of my boys there to shot a pig. Truly the only reason I haven't is because funds are tight.
I can't wait until my kids are old enough. Sounds like a great starter hunt.
Wanted to send out a reminder that this Saturday 4-23-11 is the Hog butchering class at Dougs. Hope to see a few of you there, Mike and I will be there. See ya.

Today was the hog butchering class and it was a great time. As soon as we got there we were on a mission to find a pig Doug shot that morning for the class. We had 20 people attend the class and it was very hands on. He had a 200 pound pig hanging when we got there and we all took time gutting, skinning the animal. We also had a smaller pig that we processed. He had great information for us and I think we all learned something new. We had a great lunch that was provided to us and we got back to the pig teardown. He also has a processing area for the hogs and all of the people that were there took away a decent amount of meat from the two pigs. He shows you the differnet cuts of meat and how to process and clean all of it. I Highly reccomend anyone taking the course, Doug and his wife put on a great class. Check out his web site, he has several classes you may be interested in. dougswildernessadventures.com

Larry Cochran
Yep...What Larry said. They are great people and have allot to offer. I learned quite a bit. Well said Larry.

Great comments guys, for a local San Diego guy Doug and his wife is top notch and you can
see from yesterday that there knowledge of the back country of the west in valuable to all.
I would highly recommend his pig class if you are interested in hunting pigs and his two day shooting class is well worth the money if you want to truly learn how to be a better shot. I look forward
To communicating more with Doug to learn about his Wyoming back country hunts and take
Advantage of one soon, Peace.

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