my little buck


Oct 25, 2011
New guy here but I know a few of you from other sites or around town. I shot this little guy on sunday. I went back and forth about pulling the trigger on a little one. I really really wanted to hold out because I know where some big boy live. Last year I waited and even passed on bigger bucks then this one and ended up eating tag soup. I'm pretty happy though. I just I will just have to fill my a-22 with the big boy.... just need nov 19th to hurry up.


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Nice job bro and welcome to the site, Like I say any buck you can drop in San Diego is a trophy to me. Sounds like you are doing a good job of patterning deer in your area, Keep up the good work and you will get that wall hanger on the ground soon. Good hunting this year and keep us posted, Thanks.
Nice Buck Sammy !!!!!!!! I hate that tag soup too. Nothing wrong with filling the freezer ! The presure is off now. Time to have some fun with the A22 now. I can't wait for Nov 19th too !
Hey Srfnkill - What kind of rifle were you shooting? What kind of bullets? How long was the shot? Blah blah blah! ???
Good Job srfnkill! that rock looks familiar. that is in D-16, right? :D ;D
I was thinking the blade of grass by his right knee looks familiar. ;D
First of all great job man, after hunting couple times in San Diego county and realizing how hard is some times to get where the Bucks are (2 hours 55 minutes hiking an jumping from one rock to another) , any deer is a trophy. Hey! up there I'll drink myself some of that soup.
Welcome to the forum I hope you and your buddy's have a great time while sharing all your hunting experiences with us.
No such thing as a small buck in the D16. There is only successful and unsuccessful hunters. Your buck is a nice deer...something to be proud of. Over 90% of the deer hunters in this zone will go home with an un-punched tag. Seeing your trophy picture they will all be green with envy over your buck. (BTW-I haven't gotten a deer yet either.)

Congrats and welcome to the forum!
Exactly what TA said, I hunt private property for deer and I still havent got a buck yet. I'll probably eat tag soup this year. Either way thats a fine buck for SD and he even has a little personality with the broken tines. Congrats!
So a little more of the story... I hunted saturday morning with a buddy and his wife. I spent most of the morning with the binos up on the tripod glassing over a huge area. After a few hours and only spotting a few doe we met up at the truck. We talked and then split back up. I headed through a few ravines and kicked up a small forky. I had him broadside at 90 yards for 4 minutes or so. I dont think he knew what I was because he could only see my shoulder and gun through a bush. I waited for him to walk away then I headed back to try to get my friends so she could come and kill this deer. We found him again but she only had a few seconds to find him in the scope before he crested a hill. Well, she never got a shot off. Sunday morning I was in the same spot. I spotted a few doe again but no bucks. I sat until 10 then started to head back the truck. On my hike back I saw movement running across the hillside. It was a doe. I sat for a few seconds to see if there was anything following her. Sure enough there was this buck. From 255 yards I thought he was just a forky so I let him walk. I stayed there for a while to see where they were going. They crossed a small knoll 100 yards from me. I glassed him and saw he was a little 3x2 with one eye guard. Still fighting if I wanted to shoot him or not I set the .243 up on the sticks and put the crosshairs on him… after a few minutes I figured he was worth it and pulled the trigger. He dropped within seconds.

NBK, ratz, Did I do a good job of hiding the surrounding area in that picture or what?
Congrats on the hunt. Reading your story and picture make me so want to learn and get my rifle ready to hike on the mountain. But since I have no clue where and how. I will keep search and learn more info then put more time on the feild. ^^
Hey Sammy,

Way to go, "ya can't eat the horns" I always say! Congrats
Srfnkill said:
NBK, ratz, Did I do a good job of hiding the surrounding area in that picture or what?

I hope that wasn't the Wild Animal Park you were hiding HAHAHA
Great story SrfnKill. Ya the picture is very geographically camouflaged! ;D

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