New Mexico late season elk hunt.


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
We just got home tonight from our annual New Mexico elk hunt. This year was special - LungPopper, Skinny Hunter, Snake Charmer, JustMyGame, JP (owner of Fine Firearms), our friend Hank and me all went. We had six tags, six shooters and one helper.

I will let LungPopper and company fill you all in but here is the short of it:

We went out on Monday (16th) and had 5 of the six elk down 45 minutes into the hunt. Our last elk was harvested on Thursday morning within 45 minutes as well. One of our hunters flew in Wed night.

A nice part of this hunt is everyone yielded about 250 pounds plus of processed meat (all the elk were jumbo models and very fat). The picture below is my outfit loaded and heading to our butcher. We were at his place with 5 very clean elk by 11:30 am.

We are now 41 elk for 41 tags in the past 8 years regarding this cow hunt. Some years are tough but this was not one of those years. Every year we take a new guy (Skinny Hunter) who has never hunted elk and an old guy (Hank). LungPopper was also able to get a tag (not new to elk hunting but his first trip with us).

Pictures tell a thousand words!


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Few more


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First I would like to thank NBK for the invite. I met some really good people on this trip. I now have 16 Elk hunting trips that I have been on. This is the first trip that I have seen Elk every day of the trip,the place is loaded with Elk. As NBK said, we put them down early in the trip, which is nice because it gave some of us time to explore the ranch.

Fifty five thousand acres of Elk paradise. One of the days we put twenty six miles on the quads and never left the ranch. Another we spotted some Elk over three miles away so Skinnyhunter, Jonathan and I road the quads to the base of the mountain that they were on and put a sneak on them. After climbing for close to two hours Jonathan got to within 40 yards of a couple of bulls. Every day was an adventure.


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It was a pleasure having you Darryl. You are an awesome outdoors-man. Like I said before, I will take elk anyway I can get them (a bird in the hand). This year they just so happened to cooperate. ;D

And Thanks to Snake Charmer and JP for showing everyone around!
What an awesome experience! I just want to say thanks to NBK, JustMyGame, J.P., Snake Charmer, Hank and LungPopper for taking the time to show me how to hunt. Being new to the game, I really didn't know how to get the job done. It was nice to have seasoned hunters show me the ropes.

Going to sleep Sunday night was really hard, the anticipation of the following morning kept me up half the night. We woke up Monday morning drove to our location and within 15 to 20 minutes JP spotted Elk, a plan was made and we were off. We got to about 225 yards and the attack was on. I looked over and NBK, JP, and lung popper were firing away. I looked up and all I could see were Elk butts headed up the hill. I thought it was over, they were gone. Just then, one of the elk decided to stop and turn, bad choice! I had my chance and took it. What a good time!
Good friends, good food and good times! Thanks again!
What a great series of pictures and stories guys, I will kick my self in the ass until next year for not going but family and work is a priority
right now. Way to put them on the ground John you know your game.
What can I say I have no words to describe my pain for not being able to go to that hunt, I promise next year I'll be filming all of you guys and come back with a great show....and an Elk for myself. Last year was a tough one for me so I need to catch on and just could not make it!
Great pictures by the way..... The only thing that kind of make me feel better is that you kill all the animals in 45 minutes, that means very poor video .... other than that I can't wait for next year.

Actually I think the video would have been amazing. We busted a herd of about 200 elk. They filtered out of a canyon for a while. Pre and post harvest was amazing as well as the camaraderie at the butchers shop, camp etc.

We missed you Papi...
Right on! The body count is impressive! I missed out this year, but my brother is still talking about it! Great pictures, I especially like the one of Pool about 40 yards from the bull elks. Nothing like an elk burger, they really are the best! Nice work boys.

Fuckin Chiropractor!!!
You were missed Rusty! But it was a pleasure hunting with your Bro...

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