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Jul 26, 2015
Ventura, CA
Went out this past weekend with a fellow member xjon and got after it. Funny story, first hour of walking around I had to go bathroom...found myself a nice bush to squat in. Next thing I know Marley's growling and barking, look over and I'm 3 feet from a Coyote that was bedding down. Haha I'm trying to pull my pants up chasing after this yote. The fact that it was so windy I guess doggy had no idea I'd snuck up on him. Jon and I saw plenty of Yotes, none were connected with but still very exciting. We will head back, the area was very active where I think the chances are great. Will report back and add some photos from our trip together.
Marley and I doing some scouting

The boys setting up camp

Lindsey taking a rest after some metal detecting

Xjon setting up caller

Several Yotes spotted at 65 yards
Two yotes running up hillside to our right
Xjon beating himself up

view worth every amount of work

Dinner time

Nightime walkabout
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Sep 15, 2016
That is funny. Not many people like admitting they got caught with their pants down. Now that Coyote is spreading rumors. You'll need to get back up there and put a stop to it. I'm sure that made a good laugh the whole trip. Can't wait for the write up and get the whole story.
Oct 16, 2017
Thanks for the laugh! Last June I went hiking around Rocky Mountain NP, went off trail to find a good place to drop a squat...30 seconds in I noticed a brown leg around in a bush 25 yards away...then my game eyes turned on (plus the urgency had been released) and I saw 20 to 30 elk eyes watching me do my business. I somehow walked into the middle a elk herd in some thick brush. So much for privacy! Needless to say, they didn't stick around to watch me wipe.
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