Nor deer, but fun trip to Vermont


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Dec 14, 2012
Took a trip with the family to Vermont for Thanksgiving last week. It's the second week of the rifle season, so my 13 year old was excited to get out with Grandpa, and even my 9 year old wanted to try his hand at hunting for deer. We put in about 20-22 hours in the blind/stand over 6 days. Hunted on a golf course that my father works at, only 3 people with permission for about 600 acres. Even took golf carts out to our blinds one day, kids got a kick out of that. Saw about 30 deer, all does and 3 spikes. Vermont has AR's like here, where it has to have a second point. So no legal deer, but was fun having the boys be able to see deer, work on being quiet, slow with their movements, etc. Wish they kids could have shot one, but the youth season is a separate weekend when they can shoot any deer, and the doe season isn't until muzzleloader this coming weekend. This time, they were hunting the general season which is buck only. Anyway, fun time, and there's always next year...….


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Aug 2, 2013
Nice work dude!! Sounds like a fun trip, kids will remember that one for sure.
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Jan 30, 2014
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That's what need a golf cart to get to my spot! Great to hunt with the kids and good on you for taking them out.

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