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Zach Jones

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Oct 21, 2016
I have decided to slowly make the switch to buying only USA-made hunting gear and clothing. This severely limits camouflage clothing options. I can only think of a few brands: Filson (well, some of their stuff), Forloh, and now Origin USA.

I took the leap during a 40% off sale and picked up a few items from Origin USA. I wore it all the way through deer, dove, quail, and duck seasons.

The comfort and fit of their stuff is fabulous. It's more of an athletic fit rather than a super baggy fit. I love their wool/cotton blend shirts. The fabric and stitching has held up very well after a whole season of bushwhacking. Very well made stuff.

The camo pattern is...... interesting. It's called "Highland." It's proprietary and apparently based on the old tiger stripe camo from 'Nam. It's quite different than anything else on the market. Even after wearing it for so long, I can't make my mind up on it. It seems like maybe there's too much black in the pattern. But then I look at photos of myself in the bushes and I think, "well, it certainly breaks up my figure!"

I'm interested in other opinions on the pattern. I'll post a picture for reference.

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A picture of a large dead mammal while wearing said camo...a grip and grin if you will...would help seal the deal...like a tried an proven type deal...I dont wear camo...so I'm no help .so I'm gonna lurk on this one.
The pattern's a no for me dawg. I love that it's made in the good ole USA, but the pattern just doesn't work for me.

Also, I'm more of a Rottweiler and that stuff all looks like it fits Dobermans....
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