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Mar 2, 2011
What are you guys doing to pack your game out?

Lately I have been using the gutless method to debone them and game bags in my pack.

Jim I noticed you are using a bucket on a pack frame.
I am using an ATV, a 14' Carson trailer and a 3/4 ton Chevy Duramax! ;D ;D ;D ;D


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Gut less method like Daryl or the shoulder method but that hurts after the first up hill. I wish I had a picture of one I shouldered last year pretty much grossed out the wife.
I've been dragging mine out the past few years, but that is coming to an end. Gonna just do it all in the field instead of bringing all the ticks home and then having to go back out and dispose of the carcass.
Yep. I use a 7 gallon bucket with a seat lid. I got it at Dicks sporting goods. Its for playing softball and I painted it camo. I use it for a seat, and for the bucket O'meat. You don't loose anything when you bone them out. A non hunter may look at the pile and think you just took the horns but all you really leave in the woods is skin, bones and guts. Return in 2-3 days and that is all gone like magic.
My son the pack mule.


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I just toss the whole thing on my back! Well, depends on how far the truck is and if I'm solo. If its far I will bone it out. I need to look into the gutless method.


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All fun aside, It all depends on the animal and where my transportation is. If we kill elk off the beaten path, we team up and bring out quarters on Alaskan pack frames. Basically - gut, skin and quarter leaving the rib cage behind.

When we shoot deer, we pretty much do the same only with regular hunting packs. Similar to what Srfnkill has posted above. I use a butcher so I like to get the animals back whole if I can. That all depends on the weather too. As a last resort, I bone out the game.

We should probably start a thread on pack frames and packs. There is a ton of really good stuff out on the market today.
Depends on how far we got to packem..I prefer to throw em in the back of the truck. But unfortunately that doesn't happen too often.If it's outside of a couple miles or extremely uphill we bone em out.Otherwise we cut em in half and put em on a packframe


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Great pictures, I remember those days packing out animals for my Dad and friends. Use those young bucks while they still got good backs.

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