Southern Indiana Bound


Arrows in your Quiver, wont deliver!!
Oct 29, 2011
Southern Indiana
On my way to the Mid West fo sum cone fed whitetail gladiators. My light switch of choice will be the TC encore Handgun in 30.06. Thanks to the lungpopper for the hand loads. Season Open 11-12-11. I'm having with drawls! I need to kill something.
TopBuck said:
Hey Jeff,

Don't forget the granola bars and tag soup

Ha ha - now that's funny!

Good luck Jeff. Spring a leak in one of those bucks!
Have seen allot of deer. Got a decent picture at a 130 class. Have found scrape and rubs out the wazoo. I have yet to use my light switch. The weather is supposed to drop off (temp) in the next couple of days. That should stir-em up a bit. The rut is just about the kick in. If anyone can tell me how to get photos in here I'll put some in of my trail cam and camera pics.
Thanks NBK for the link.
Below are some pictures of my hunt. I didn't kill the buck I came for, but had a good time. Time was ticking down and the taste of granola in my tag soup was starting to taste like an ole rubber tire. The pic of the 130 buck I took scouting 2 days before opener.
Good luck to all you last last chance guys this weekend in San Diego.


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My pleasure and thanks for the great posts. Did you get a whack at one?
I had computer issues while in Indiana and was hopping to keep you guys updated. However I am home now and able to post a few pics of my hunt from trail cam and the small 12" basket 7 point i ended up killing to keep from eating tag soup.


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