Sportsman channel Nirvana


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Feb 17, 2011
I searched hunting category on my U-Verse, it kept coming back with a channel that I didn't get ( 642)
The sportsmans channel is part of the next package upgrade ( U450) or part of a sports package an extra $10 per month.
I called my U-Verse rep, and she hooked me up.
Now I have 4-5 hunting shows recorded before I got home from work!
I am in DVR heaven. Watching Elk hunting now, and have recorded some whitetail, muley, and trailcam shows.
Yep. Got to love the DVR. My wife likes Lee & Tiffany.
That's awesome. I am considering switching from Cox to Direct TV. Anybody have good or bad comments on that maybe vs. DISH TV etc. I am going to keep my COX internet though.
I work for AT&T, so I like it best obviously. If you or anyone wants to switch to AT&T, Or upgrade, let me know, I will get points for anyone I refer.

BTW that is not why I started this thread. It took me long enough to upgrade, myself.
BuckHunter said:
Yep. Got to love the DVR. My wife likes Lee & Tiffany.

On Direct TV we get Outdoor Network, In Pursuit and Sportsman's Channel. I DVR fifteen different shows then proceed to OD on Outdoor programming.

Personally, I prefer to watch Tiffany. Lee.... not so much.
Did it. Bought the Direct TV deal yesterday. Also picked up an extra Receiver for my travel trailer. Saved myself $40 per month over Cox. I kept my COX internet.

Install on Monday.

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