The night before AZ deer opener - nice bucks!


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
We are in AZ and it is the night before opener. The good thing is we have about 4 great places to hunt. We got a look at what I was guessing to be a 30" buck last night. This morning we glassed up a 25"ish buck and then went to go check out a game cam we set up last Wed. The dates and time (unfortunately) are screwed up because the batteries fell out before we set it up and we forgot to reset the time etc. Anyway you may not even notice that shit when see the buck we are going to kill tomorrow. There are two we are looking at - one has a drop tine and one doesn't. Both a great bucks in my estimation. What do you think? The last picture is of a buck who is dead walking!!! ;D ;D ;D

The proof in the pudding will be if we have a before and after picture.

Santiago - please fix these so we can see them better if you have time...


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Great scouting John, With bucks like that there should be bigger ones out there somewhere, be patient. I agree with Jeff that droptine buck is awesome and he has great eye guards.
It was very rainy and windy today. We did see 19 deer in total though, 2 of which were bucks (22" - 24"). The weather has calmed down and tomorrow should be an active day. We have 3 really good setups right now. Stay tuned...
Ok that spot does not suck...... Good luck guys put the metal to them
You guys have a handfull of great bucks. Good Luck!
Still in AZ hunting. We got on a fantastic buck tonight but we could not close the deal. We mis-calculated where the buck was and ended bumping it. Totally our fault. We are heading back out in the morning to hunt a different buck in a different area. We are working 3 areas but just haven't cashed the check yet. I guess that's why they call it hunting. Having a great time nonetheless.
Jeff and I set up a hunt in a fallow field and worked 6 bucks with one nice tall heavy 3x3 but no love. We had a 400 yard shot but it was looking directly into the sun. We could not get any different angles due to the wind. We stayed on the bucks for over an hour and had to leave so we did not push them out.
Exciting stuff and the anticipation grows. Keep after them John. I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of an amazing buck on the ground!
I am home and we have no amazing picture to show. We hunted hard but could not get the buck we set out for. I do have a bunch of pictures to post but no deceased animals yet. I am not sure yet if we are heading back out next week. We did not fail, we just fueled the fire to go after that buck next year. We saw somewhere around 25+ bucks and over 50 deer. We passed on allot of really nice animals. We also found new areas to explore and have a ton of game cam pics.

Wish we could have cashed in - instead we made bank deposits. I will post some photos of our trip in the next few days.
Couple of pics...including Jeff (Justmygame).


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More...Rusty in a makeshift ambush blind. He is sitting in an area where few deer pass through. Those that do are shooters!


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More...blinded up with Skinny Hunter. Thanks for the blind Mike!


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