Trail Cam pic's. My 2012 Target Buck !


“Venison” It’s what’s for dinner!
Feb 3, 2011
This buck has an unusual dark line from his scull cab down to his nose. I can’t be 100% sure this is the same buck , but all 3 pictures were taken within 20 yards of each other in different years. He was a small 3x3 in 2008 and a nice 3x3 in 2009. In 2010 I think I got a picture of him but it was of his back end walking away. In 2011 he was a 4x4. In 2012 I’ll see if I can take my picture with him. ;D


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LOL looks like you just won the big buck contest.. ;) ;) and to show your gradatude for me saying that you can donate the bow you win to poor little ole me... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
You can't kill what you can't see, and this buck only moves at night so I may never get the chance. I hope this years pic is waiting for me on the SD card right now.
Well I got my camera last weekend and nothing good yet. Check out this doe running for her life. Coyote most likely.


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NBK said:
That camera takes very good pictures!

CuddeBack is fast. Its an old one and only takes one pic per minute so I missed what was running behind her.
My 1st trail cam was a cudde back they take awesome pics....they have the fastest trigger speed but they eat batteries.
This one is not to bad. It takes 4 D size and it was up on July 14 th and lasted to Sept 5th. It took over 1300 pics but most were of the wind or sun. That was a bad set on my part.
Cuddebacks are the shi@! I had a real nice on ei think i paid about $300 or so, the first week i put it out, it had great pics. I went to check it again 2 wks later, and it was gone :( :(. I bought another, but i only put it on private property. I buy those cheap$50 trail cams from walmart now for public land. :)
In retrospect all you need is an understanding of what is in your hunting area. Expensive cameras are cool and may be worthy for unmolested property but for general or public use you just need a camera that goes "click" consistently so yo can understand what is in your area.

Good Lord that is a sweet looking buck buckhunter! You still waiting for the temp to cool down or are you at it? I wanna see pictures of that buck on the ground!

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