Unde Armour Dumps the Bowmar's After Spear hunt


just a dude who duck hunts
Feb 16, 2011
Sarah Bowmar was Dumped by Under Armor yesterday. Nice timing on that one, way to use the weekend news cycle UA.

For you guys that do not know, Her husband killed a black bear from the ground with a 7' spear. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. From a ethics standpoint i nothing in any of the spear hunting videos i have watched that leads me to think its less ethical than a gun shot wound or a arrow.

So because of public outcry UA has cut ties and pretty much declared the Bowmar's to be unethical hunters. BULL SHIT and that is as kind as i can say it. You sell hunting clothing and you are pro hunter. So am i to be worried now that i can only hunt with UA approved weapons? What about pigs with a big knife? or traditional archery gear? Maybe handgun or muzzle loaders?

UA you need to reverse course NOW! You knew there would be blow back when you started a hunting line and well its here now. Do not be a bunch of spineless wimps and bend to the anti hunting crowd that is screaming bloody murder. You will loose your hunting consumers if you do not come correct and stand with us all.

i hate typing mad :/

This is from the UA facebook page
"Under Armour Under Armour is ending its relationship with Sarah Bowmar. The method used to harvest this animal was reckless and we do not condone it. We are dedicated to the hunting community, support hunting practices that ensure a responsible and safe harvest of the animal, and support hunting that is conducted in compliance with all regulatory laws."

If you do not fight with us we will fight against you UA are you listening?

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Won't purchase any under armor gear from here on out. Not to mention the smaller guys make much better gear. If they can't stand behind hunters then they will not receive my money.
I am so sick of this PC bull$hit!......I like UA, but they've lost this customer......:mad:

Hope their greenie/lib friends pick up the slack!......:confused:
Completely spineless! Not sure who made the decision but Kip Fulks (the CEO) is a hunter himself. He must have been cornered by the scary libtards and wet his pants. Like a little biznatch!
To me its pretty simple. Kip Fulks wanted a taste of the hunter dollar. We all know that you cant play both sides and he clearly picked the side of his non hunting business. He will continue to straddle the line and only support hunting the board declares ethical?


today is a sad day for sure, i expected more from Cameron on this. If Kip is your friend then its your place to tell your friend he is wrong. DAMNIT they did nothing wrong...

i do not have a big money sponsor and my family is not eating off the money i make hunting... exactly the opposite is my case. This is a chance to close up ranks and say NO we will not feel bad. for a clean kill on a bear. instead the ANTI hunters split us up and the $ you make today will be the undoing.
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Hey UA I'm going coyote hunting tomorrow with my AR is that OK? Just wanted to make sure I don't ruin your corporate image if I take a pic in your gear
Ridiculous....it was legal method of take where they are from.
Obscene that companies take something so unrelated to them and make political movements with their power. Not like they make javelins. They make freakin shirts.
We're gonna find out kevin plank donated to clinton campaign fund too watch.

So ridiculous. No more UA stuff for me

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Quilted Northern is much better ass paper and Georgia pacific alows hunting on their timber lands

Pepsi or RC cola much better
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Now I'm too new into this to really have an opinion, but if you are a company who sell hunting gear you should support all hunting as long as it's legal. And if your company is large enough to sponsor sportsmen and women, you should have their back NO matter what as long as what they did was legal. Being UA can't seem to understand that, I will never spend a dollar on anything with a UA brand, nor any partner company who doesn't show they disagree with UAs decision.

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What I find interesting is one of the arguments you hear from the antis is that... "the animals don't have a chance. You hunt them with long range high powered rifles and they don't even know you're there and its so unfair etc. etc. etc." So here's a guy hunting the animal close up, with a primitive weapon, basically "evening the odds", so to speak, the way the antis always say it should be done and then they're all up in arms about it. Can't make them happy one way or the other I guess.

BTW - just for the record I think he's nuts for hunting bears with a spear but, thank just my personal opinion. Since it was legal there, I fully support him doing so if he wants to take that risk.

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