Update from 3/30 Sutherland NWTF Turkey Hunt


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Sep 18, 2014
Great hunt on Saturday! I was able to join Shawn’s hunt (@Shotnotbot12) as a non-hunting mentor in Brown’s Cove. The morning started off with gobbles on the roost loud enough to get return gobbles, one after the other for about 15 minutes. I’ve never heard that many at one time! A few minutes later heard a very realistic sounding hen purr close by in some brush. It was one of those “there is no way that is another hunter” type of moments and the expectation jumped knowing there was a real-life decoy within 50 yards to bring in the Toms. Put a visual on this hen about 30 minutes later as she started walking around feeding.
The gobbles from Corral would be heard every 10 minutes for another hour. Then we heard two nearly simultaneous shots. A turkey flew for the hills from the area between Corral and Brown’s Cove (not sure if hen or Tom/Jake because it happened so fast). Then everything went quiet. Unfortunately that was the end of the gobbles for the remainder of the morning. Two hens stayed around in Brown’s Cove but no Toms/Jakes joined them.
Sometime during the morning a shot was heard from Bloomdale and later confirmed by the lake manager to be a success for those hunters.
In the afternoon from Brown’s cove gobbles were heard from Camp Hope (Camp Hope is only hunted on Wednesday’s). Looking across the lake there were two big Toms in full strut right by the waters edge in the grassy area below the playground. We tried to call them to fly across the lake but they weren’t going for it. The Camp Hope hunter for this coming Wednesday was checking out the lake at the time so he has great intel for his upcoming hunt.
Best of luck to all the hunters at Sutherland this season.
Please add any details that others have from 3/30 Saturday’s hunt. C92FFF6F-CB35-42B5-A565-5DA406A5474A.png 45CDF221-692A-4E63-BD53-E04B0B7B1C09.png 772652E9-F13B-411D-9F7B-F59B84BBB6A6.png 819ED884-0472-4E33-A93E-1B954C0CB0C6.png
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Oct 16, 2013
on the mountain
DuskorDawn and I went out on public land National Forest..
Lots of turkey tracks all over. But all the turkeys knew we were going lol .
All were at private property...
The forest is most green I have seen in a while. Water everywhere.
I couldn't help myself had a sip of water pouring from the side of a mountain. Tasted great used the filtered straw.. great day out..

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