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Mar 2, 2011
This came up in another thread and I thought I would ask the question.

Do any of you guys wear blaze orange when hunting in California? Like just a hat or just the vest or both?
I have not hunted here in CA, I am from NM and have done most of my hunting there. We were never required to wear orange, so I never have, but I am considering it here. I have been scouting for deer a bit in D16 and have found that it is hard to get away from easy hunting as far as I can tell. Seems like there could be a lot of hunters out there and orange could be a good idea! Still trying to find some good places deep in the Cleveland to get away from crowds and find a decent buck!
When I rifle hunted, ABSOLUTELY! Ever watched a hunter with your bino's on the other side of a canyon glass you up through his rifle scope?

During the archery only seasons I don't. A bowhunter has to be so much closer to take a shot and I HOPE at closer distances another hunter would be able to see I am human.
I always wear orange while rifle hunting. My father had a guy shoot right at em one time through some brush. Obviously the BASTARD didn't make sure of his target. Lucky for my father the the guy was a bad shot! But, the other guy was lucky my father didn't return the favor. This is why I ALWAYS wear blaze orange during rifle season. :/
At a minimum I wear a orange hat and have a orange balaclava either around my neck or hanging off my pack.
breacher said:
Ever watched a hunter with your bino's on the other side of a canyon glass you up through his rifle scope?

YES Twice. A high powered rifle pointed at you in the hands of someone not smart enough to use binoculars is scary. I jumped right out of my skin.

I bow hunt during rifle season but I'm usually in a stand, so No I don't wear it. I do carry some orange ribbon tape if I'm dragging a deer out.
when i hunt azusa canyon during rifle season i wear an orange hat...alot of bush shooters up there...and yes i also have been glassed thru a rifle scope more than once...a bit scary....
When close to the border use an orange bullet proof vest :) :D ;D ;D ;D 8)
At least a hat.
A hunter may not be aiming directly at me, but it may help him see I am in the background, or he may see me and move somewhere else.
Vote yes on Orange.
I were sold orange hat for chucker, quail, pheasant, rifle deer season, I haven't looking for pigs. I have a safety vest I put on deer on the drag out way to many trigger happy yahoos where I deer hunt
I always wear something orange whenever I am hunting outside of the rec. area during rifle season. Yes, my life is that important! ;)
I like to tie the the vest off to my pack. If I take my kids they always wear orange vests. Maybe I should invest in the hat!
I try not to wear it unless it is required. I do have a couple of bird vest with orange on them but for big game I like to blend in. I keep orange ribbon with me to place on horns while packing out.

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