Wolf problems !!!!!!!


“Venison” It’s what’s for dinner!
Feb 3, 2011
Attached is a video link about the wolf population in the western states. Crazy to hear about how bad it has impacted the future of hunting and the big picture. Its a long movie, but worth the time.

The elk and deer in Wyoming and Montana are getting hammered, In fact Montana is having trouble selling tags as they have become very expensive and the quality of the harvest has fallen way off in the last few years. In some places there is virtually no calf survival and the herd numbers are plummeting.
You are correct about that Montana is taking a beating and now a combo tag that was $643.00 is now over $950.00 for the same tag.
I hunted Montana with an Outfitter in 09.
He is calling it quits partly because the cost went up but also they changed the rules and the Outfitter cannot guarantee tags any more.
Also the wolves have really hurt the hunting.He went from 90% plus success to 30%.
Did you use a calculator for that math problem LungPopper? ;D
A Friend emailed this photo to me today, it was taken somewhere in Idaho, eventually something will have to give in this lopsided debate. A few varmint hunters could help balance the issue.


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    Idaho Wolf pack.JPG
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As much as you hate to see pictures like this due to the unbalance in nature, it is awesome sight non-the-less. I would like to have that picture framed. It is tough to be on the wolves side but at the end of the day, they are a magnificent animal and the epitome of efficiency.

One would look good on my wall too! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Wow ! I missed that picture back in Dec.

There is nothing a pack of 25 wolves can't catch and kill.
It is said that a wolf pack is the most efficient killing machine on earth.
Ever since I've been interested in moving to Boise Id, I have been trying to follow the wolf controversy, in one article I found people claim that a wolf pack will kill for the sport, if I wind up a Boise resident they will be on the top of my harvest list!
that was a crazy video. i didnt realize the wolf problem is that bad

roll them over like the yotes!!!!!

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