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    2020 TTU FEB 22

    Well I may not have won anything today but had a great time at the event. I definitely will be back next year and just want to thank everyone who put this on. After leaving I did little exploring and seen turkeys, pretty excited to finish of my trip to SD that way Even got a little snow before...
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    2020 TTU FEB 22

    I will be down there, see every Saturday!
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    First of many...

    That is really another great point. When I go to AZ or NV it takes no time to swap the bolts.
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    First of many...

    I went with the KaliKey because I really didn’t need a semi auto .308 but love the platform, keep it the way I like it and not go featureless or mag lock. The upside is I enjoy it, take time with my shots and the kids hate it so I save ammo and don’t get them doing mag dumps. I have one of my...
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    First of many...

    Heck yeah congratulations on the dog. Getting some of my AR’s ready to go out as well. Got the Juggernaut pin on the .223 and the Kalikey coming for the .308
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    Look to see if anyone has Lyman 50 edition reloading manal

    Here you go, from the 50th edition
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    NWTF JAN 28

    I'll be down there for the meeting !
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    Yep me too

    I did the MCarbo pro Trigger Kit on my Savage .308 huge difference in the pull and my accuracy. Hopefully next time I’m out it won’t be so windy and I can get past 200 yards. .
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    I'm on the board!

    Nice, I can’t wait to have the memory of my first deer to share on here. So far it’s been a couple birds. Only time I’ve ever seen a cat in So Cal is was darting across the road in front of my car on Hwy 79 and Anza Rd. I’ve seen tons of tracks here but those things are pretty good at staying...
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    I'm on the board!

    That’s really cool. Congratulations. Still got my tag and hopefully will come across one before the end. Loved the post, great read.
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    Wild Pheasant

    Awesome work congratulations
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    IV Blastin' and a little Castin', November 8 & 9

    Looks like a great weekend.
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    Local black powder vendors?

    I’ve been shooting my muzzleloader for over 35 years now. I recently started hunting late in life and hopefully one day when I learn what I’m doing I will be able to hunt with it. I can see where it definitely could expand your season and add extra challenges.
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    Local black powder vendors?

    Unfortunately there isn't much out there any more as far as what local gun stores keep in stock. I've been having to either go to Bass Pro, order online or been able to pick up when traveling out of state to stock up supplies. Online would be the best bet so you can at least get some practice in...
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    Hope everyone is well!

    Welcome to the sight, lots of good info here for us newbies