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    Very tough day

    Good luck! I was supposed to be up there this week :(
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    Rio Down

    Beautiful bird, big congrats!
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    2018 Turkey Season Recap (pic heavy)

    Congrats Josh! That’s a damn good season. Glad Tanner was able to tag one out.
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    Ghost turkeys....

    SoCal turkey hunting is probably one of the hardest hunts in the nation. It requires a lot of days scouting prior to the season and lots of days out hunting. Just hang in there and keep at it. Here’s some advise to what helped me be successful on public land. I first started turkey hunting in...
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    First public land bird

    Awesome! You got one of the three jakes there. My son and I called in those three jakes during the youth season and just watched them as they molested our DSD hen and beat up the Jake decoy. It as a lot of fun watching them. They came running in right off the roost haha.
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    My 2018 turkey season

    Thanks Fred! I’m going to be up fishing this afternoon with my youngest. If you’re around, I’ll stop by to say hi.
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    Big Tom Gobbler down on Public Land

    Beautiful public land tom, congrats!
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    My 2018 turkey season

    Thank you!
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    My 2018 turkey season

    So now that bird number 1 was down, I was now committed to getting my son on a bird. We hunted the early youth season with getting into a good amount of birds but with no shot opportunity. After the youth season, my work schedule switched to working weekend and on graves.... I hate graves but oh...
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    My 2018 turkey season

    Wow it’s been awhile since I logged onto SCH. With new job assignment and home selling/buying to our dream house, it’s been an absolute roller coaster for 2018. I hope everyone has had a great turkey season. My season was off to a horrible start with missing the first two weeks of the season...
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    A-22 Buck

    Awesome buck! Congrats Doug!
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    Wife's buck down!

    Awesome Buck Josh! Big congrats to you guys.
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    Leupold spotting scope $125 / East county San Diego

    Text message sent
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    D16 bucks moving around

    3 of the 5 were legal with one nice 3x3.