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    Wanted Ocean Trolling Setup

    Mud they don't sit still.
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    Wanted Ocean Trolling Setup

    Setup for what? If you are after swordfish I can recommend big Rapalas (green and purple) on the west end of Catalina.
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    One more pic of my Bowie

    Always wondered what besides chop kindling do you do with that?
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    Scouting for deer in the desert but found a nice ram

    Awesome picture Juan. Thanks!
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    Poway mountain lions

    SurfN, I think that is the point. Lions are masters of disguise. Just because YOU think you don't see them does not mean they are not watching YOU. Two years ago I went to Caspar's Park here in OC. I spoke with the woman at the gate about the 'lion warning' signs. She said she had been...
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    Poway mountain lions

    It was a stupid law to pass and that becomes more obvious as time goes by. Even DFW is against it. Now 3 or 4 generations in, lions have no fear of humans. Walking cheeseburgers. "But they are so cuddly." letter #16 three times.
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    Whacked more bunnies

    Stevve, Once out bow hunting I found a pair sitting at 35 yards. I decided not to shoot. One of the best decisions I have made.
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    Butcher to process a hog?

    Save yourself Neil's fee and go buy it on a plastic tray. That way you stay clean.
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    Jack O’Conner

    O'Connor had the opportunity at sheep that we all dream about.
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    Four long tails

    I wish this on the cat lady, with the door open.
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    Newbie from LA County and my first time out

    With those .22's remember your copper.
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    Deer Spotting Tip for Newbies

    12 point? You mean 6x6, these are not whitetails.
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    Trying to Get it Right

    Aeon is dead on. Without a stable rest the whole thing is guess work. It has to be the same every time.
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    Travling tradesmen/hunter help

    FHL is now a long ways from Hearst's 'grab a gun and go hunt'.
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    Travling tradesmen/hunter help

    Make sure you wear your thermals.