Great Desert Ram Hunting Story



Please check out our website homepage for a great Desert Ram hunting story. The ram was taken by a local named Renny. The story was written by one of our forum members Fred (AKA Snake Charmer).

Please come back and share your comments.

Happy Thanksgiving guys!


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Fred and crew nice write up and congrates to the shooter.
Was in AZ for the holidays and saw a nice ram while out jeeping.I would guess he was 1,000 to 1,200 yards away,but looks like a monster


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Wow Darryl, that's an amazing animal. Thanks for posting!
Where abouts did you see that guy? notice how big the space between the horns on the top of the head is. Generally that space will close to nothing as they mature, I'm guessing he was in the southern half of the state where the mexicali subspecies lives as they sport the largest horns of the desert bighorns.
Wow nice animal, thanks for sharing that picture. Were you scouting for a hunt or just cruising?
SC You are correct southwestern part of the state.When I blow the picture up the horns are pretty close to each other,also notice how low the horns are to the jaws.That boys got a big curl to him.

Papi Just out playing.
Snake Charmer said:
Also notice how the ram that Renny shot has the horns curling outward (nelsoni subspecies) while the one lungpooper photoed has the horns coming straight out (Mexicali)

I learned something new today. Thanks SC !
I did not know that either. I'm always learning new stuff from Fred!
Great photos.. Didn't know about the different horns as well. Thanks for the info..

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