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Mar 2, 2011
Anybody been out scouting ? I've seen a couple.Last few days the deer I've been seeing are hard horned.


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Been seeing a lot of nice bucks myself pattern is starting t change for me. I still have had soft horns up in tell last week now need to keep on them. Any advice on pattern change will these local deer be in the same general area a month from now when they for the most part will be all hard horned.
@ Lungpopper - Nice bucks you have there. In A31 they don’t shed until the last week of Aug. I hung my A22 stands last weekend and jumped a doe from under my #1 stand. We’ll see what the camera’s show me next week. I live for the local deer season. It’s hard work but, I love it.
@ mse -
After they shed their velvet they don’t move around in the daytime as much. The shedding of the velvet is the start of the month long pre rut where the bucks will rub on saplings and spar. Look for those rubs and use trail cameras around them but not too close to them. If you see rutting activity on your camera’s or in person you want to spend the most amount of time in the woods as you can around that activity. By the following weekend it may be all over and too late so stay out there. The bucks will move to where the does hang out when the rut starts, so yes, the patterns will change every few weeks from now till mid Nov. I have been lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time a few times. One year I saw 3 bucks in 30 minutes all fighting for one hot doe. I shot the biggest one out of the group on video then watch the small buck sneak back in and breed the doe only 30 yards from the dead buck. Then he walked by again when I was getting ready to field dress him. The rut is a magical time to be in the woods and if you can time it right you will get bow shots in so cal.
It's good to know there are bucks in the area that you will be hunting.But like Buckhunter said after they rubout they are not out as much.When they were in velvet i could go out and find bachelor groups hanging out together (4-5 in a group)now I'm having to work harder to find just one .The groups have broken up.You wont see much buck activity till the end of Sept beginning of Oct.


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Great photo ! Looks like you have a good spot. ::)

FYI (You must be a registered user to see all these buck pictures, and join in)
The buck in the first pic has a short G-2 on the left side. I saw this buck four weeks ago in velvet with four other bucks.Saw him yesterday hard horned and by himself.About a mile from where I had seen him before.

Sorry about the lousy pic but he was over 700 yards away and with the overcast there was'nt enough light.


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Nice................ looks like you are really doing your homework. Good luck topping your buck from last year. That will not be easy. My goal is to shoot a local buck over 100 with my bow. To do it, I'll need to put in a lot of hours in the stand and and not shoot the first 85 inch that steps out. Good luck with that............... I think if I can fill the freezer in Utah then I'll have more self control back localy. Shit man....... I'm so pumped about this season. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
Shit man....... I'm so pumped about this season. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

I hear you it's like a sickness.I'm out 3-4 times a week trying to find that monster.
I've seen 3 over the 100 mark but seeing and killing are a long way apart.

Good luck in Utah hope you kill a good one.I'm looking forward to seeing your kill on video.
When do you leave?
We leave Aug 18th. And I'm not ready with my camping gear. The hunting gear is good though. Now the presure is on to get it on video................... Its a new spot so I'll be lucky just to get one. If I can get the shot on video is a bonus. After the shot rambling on video is a given.
I'm not picky. I'd shoot anyone of those bucks that gave me a clear shot. ::)
Sorry about the slow response I was in South Dakota last week.
The buck in my avatar scored 136 4/8" gross with a net of 131 1/8" (green).
I haven't scored it after the drying period.

I shot the buck on PUBLIC LAND D16
Thanks for posting some great pics, Lungpopper. That buck from last year was as good as it gets for D-16
Good Luck this year.

Nice photos! Looks like you are set up for opening day.

All my trailcams are yielding is pics of does and fawns this year. The bucks are lying low at my honeyholes, which doesn't surprise me considering all the creeks and seeps are still flowing.

BTW- I've been hunting the D16 since '78 and the only buck I've seen comparable to your buck was killed at Pendelton in 1954.
You know that where the does are the bucks will follow. I focus every year on putting myself around
as many does as possible and once Nov comes the bucks will be on those same trails, good hunting.

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