My boat and spearfishing guidance for bow or rifle hunting guidance.


Feb 11, 2019
I am in North San Diego Coastal.

I am really close to pulling the trigger (no pun intended) on gear to go bow/rifle hunting this year. My first year ever hunting big game. Like most, I am looking to harvest Deer and pig for now.

I am a pretty seasoned free-diver spear-fisherman, I have landed, Big bluefin tuna, yellow tail, dorado, wsb, i get lobsters, bass and the rest. I can teach you everything I know about spearing, and I have plenty of gear to share while you learn the ropes except an extra wet-suit. A big challenge for the beginner is having the stamina to swim from shore and deal with the surf and then go hunt. I have a boat to make it easier to learn in a calm day. I am happy to show you the ropes and take you out, introduce you to some other spearos (in due time) if you want, and help you make decisions on gear when you are ready.

As I trade off, I need your advice and guidance and help me with scouting and deer knowledge...(I am not asking for your spots). You don't need to be an expert. Any game I ever harvested I one has ever put me on birds or fish and I don't expect you to put me on Deer...But I need someone to learn the basics from.

I am serious about getting in to big game Hunting locally. I am eager to learn, I am not judgmental and flexible. I keep my mouth shut about local knowledge.

If you have any interest we could have a beer or coffee and talk about it, see if the idea works. Please send me a PM.

Thanks for reading.


Staff member
Aug 3, 2012
Again, the NWTF Spring Turkey Tune-Up would a good place to start...Lots of like minded folks & SCH'ers….You're also right in turkey & deer country....Remember, CNF, DFW, and NWTF info booth will be on site.