Need some help, please.


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May 10, 2018
Me brother's Jack Russell Terrier was like that RIP.
I have read similar characteristics about hunting Airdale Terriers, was always curious about them.


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Dec 20, 2014
Jagds have great hunt drive & a real want to please. With that said once you follow the rule "fat kid with a chocolate cake" and realize they can read your mind the rest falls into place as long as you get them on lots of game.

13 years ago I was looking for a versatile hunting dog. One that could hunt big game, blood track and could get into the ditches to chase pheasants.
So in my search I came across the Jagd Terrier and was hooked. I have hunt pigs, deer, coyotes, Bobcats, bear, pheasant, Quail, Ducks, geese, dove & blood track turkey's, bears, deer, bighorn sheep & Mt. Lions.

Plus I love when either bird dog guys or big game houndsman tell me that my dog won't the end of the day they all praise my dog.....then I have some fun with them.

My first hunt in Baja we set up on some thick cover with a lab in the lead and he's not going into the thick stuff. I'm in the rear of the push following my Zoe. The rest of the group is 70yds ahead of me when Zoe in the thick cover flushes 3 roosters I knock down 2, by the time I catch up with them I have my Mexican limit of 4 roosters.......from then on I knew I had the right dog for birds in thick cover.
My kid wants a jag after hunting with Neil. Only problem is I don’t want one of those little devil dogs killing all my other pets. Awesome drive on them.

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Oct 13, 2011
San Diego
Tru, If done properly most any dog can be trained to stay off the family pets. My wife and I have only experienced one pooch that the prey drive was uncontrollable (and thats the problem), It was a field bred American cocker and we had to e-collar her before letting her out the door otherwise when she saw our chickens it was on.
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