I despise granola heads!
Aug 1, 2011
Not my biggest buck but not my smallest either, was in my stand by 5:45 this morning, started getting light at 6:00, had 10 does and 2 buck come in to the oak grove like shoppers at Best Buy on black Friday! Whacked him by 6:30. Not the buck I was hoping for, I was willing to shoot almost any deer this late.

The bottom photo is of the buck I was chasing in the 1st half. Hope he is still around next year.


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You da' man Tim! Nice job and thanks for posting the pics. The whopper on the bottom will be waiting for you next year.
NBK said:
OK TopBuck, fess up!

Alright, I must say I am a huge Rage broadhead fan now, this was my 4th deer taken w/archery equip. and the 1st with a Rage, the shot I made was right on target but with the angle generated by me up a tree and the buck on a down hill caused the arrow to exit low in his belly.
As we ( L.P.& I)started tracking, I knew instantly we were in for a long morning (no blood), after 100 yds L.P. handed me one of my arrows and said I dropped one, I said no it fell out of the deer.....that's how clean it was, I knew then it was a gut shot. We tracked for 1 1/2 hours then I spotted him laying on the trail 150 yards away, as he busted out I noticed his insides almost dragging on the ground, we tracked him another 30 Min's.
Finally I spotted him laying on the side of a hill, we watched him for another 30 Min's. until he put his head down for good. The deer ended up going 900 yds.from where I shot him.
If I had used the G5 Montecs that I normally shoot, I don't think we would have found him, like 1AZBOWHUNTER said, the Rage almost guts the deer for you.
Thanks for your help L.P. today was a blast!
Great Story and Congrats on a great late season buck. The Rage will make a bad shot a kill shot. (And we've all had them )

Way to go !
Great buck Tim, There is only three weeks left and you should be damn proud to get it done before it is all over for the year. That is a great buck and I am woth you I shoot Rages only and them one thing i have learned is if you can hit the body (lung area) the deer is done. I have had issues when you hit bone with Rages. Great story and good eating that venison.
I agree w/JR it's quite an accomplishment to kill a deer with a bow, especially on public land
O.C. Huntress said:
Congratulations on the 3x3. I want one :'(
Here's a late season tip for you O.C.H, and any one else with a late season tag, I've always known that deer eat acorns, but never realized how much, look for mature oak trees that have acorns, they are falling right now and the deer will travel a long way to feed on them. If you can find an area with only a few trees...... it's too your advantage. Tree stand tree stand tree stand! Don't give up and GOOD LUCK!

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