Nice pics Darryl,here is a few more.


  • turkeys248.jpg
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  • archery turk-1.jpg
    archery turk-1.jpg
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  • turkey opener 2003 001.jpg
    turkey opener 2003 001.jpg
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Here is a photo off of my game camera in a spot of mine, I got over 700 photos in 5 days but it was taking 3 photos at a time. The area is full of deer and turkey.


  • 159.JPG
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Larry Cochran said:
Here is a photo off of my game camera in a spot of mine, I got over 700 photos in 5 days but it was taking 3 photos at a time. The area is full of deer and turkey.
Boy Larry,Do you know that the GPS tracking ID is on that pic? :eek:
I went to my spot today to check the camera and had some nice shot sof some big toms and hens. I have the area ready for the opener and have my blind already set up and have it camoflauged. All I can do is hope actually show up on the opener.

Larry C.
Yes, I will be using my bow. I have permission to hunt the land and I cannot use a shotgun in the area. I have been told Feathers no fur. The area is full of deer also.
Here area a few more photos.


  • 3-23-12 298.JPG
    3-23-12 298.JPG
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  • 3-23-12 222.JPG
    3-23-12 222.JPG
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  • 3-23-12 221.JPG
    3-23-12 221.JPG
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That is some cool stuff Larry. It is funny how the deer and the turkey hang out together.
Awesome pics. I sure hope you get one. I would love to have a spot like that as I haven't been able to get a SOCAL turkey yet.
But it never stops me from trying.
Good luck Larry.Just don't over call,and don't call before its to light for a hen to be on the ground.Most guys don't think about it ,but sometimes when we call and its still dark that throws up a red flag,The toms know its to dark for a hen to be on the ground.Sometimes it won't matter and they come running in no matter what you do,but I try not to do anything that will reduce the odds.Im looking forward to your report.
Well let me say. if you are hunting you are responsible for knowing where the property you are hunting on is and where private property begins. Let me just say that I went to my hunting spot this morning at o dark thirty and found a nice note telling me to stay off of the property and that No hunting will take place on his land. The land owner left me a note that was placed on my $150.00 game camera and it was placed inside my $150.Io pop up blind. I was very happy that the owner left my stuff there and just gave me a note.

As I started thinking about what could have happened and it could have been bad. I would think trespassing and hunting on private property would come with quite a fine. It got me thinking about the fact that I have no written permission from the land owner who's property that I thought I was on. If you are hunting, you are responsible for knowing where you are. I learned a lesson today and this will not happen again.

Larry Cochran
fish and game code 2016 hunter trespass has a over $800 fine that comes with it. You should consider yourself very lucky that all the property owner did was leave you a note. DFG has not been very forgiving lately to people making mistakes.
I agree, I got off very lucky. I am going to talk to the land owner that I know and have her verify exactly where her property lines are.

Larry Cochran

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