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Oct 21, 2019
Have you looked into the Hunter safety classes. After that you can start researching tags and hunts or hunts and tags.
Yes, I hunted last year with a riffle and I felt derived because it was too short lol. I work Monday through Saturday. So I could only Sundays and that was not enough. Traded one of my riffles for a bow.

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Dec 28, 2018
Hello everyone,
I just picked up a used mathews z7 bow. And I was wondering what em I looking at in terms of getting ready for hunting with it? Like what do I need? I know I have to get it tuned to me. Iam in Socal Anaheim.

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Leonard, welcome! There’s an archery shop in Fullerton call Hi tec archery. Good guys that know their stuff. The key is getting the bow set up for you, and shooting it the way you like it. I would recommend at least a four pin sight, and maybe a whisker biscuit. Some people like them and some people don’t. Everything on your bow is personal preference. Like sprig said, practice practice practice! I bought myself a block target and took it to the hills and mountains practicing at just about every angle I could. When the wind is up, that’ll be the next challenge.

Also, make sure to get quality arrow shafts, and at least a dozen. I typically used 100 grain field points and broadheads. You may like lighter or heavier. Also, and again this is preference, get fletching you can see easily. If you miss your target or the arrow goes through it, it’s nice to be able to retrieve it (hoping it’s not busted).

That’s it for my two cents.

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